Oh really?

monkeythinksBill Schmalfeldt claims to be a purveyor of satire, parody and comedy.  And yet, when he writes comedy, it seems to be funny in a way he never intended.

For example, he’s been spouting off for quite awhile about how his complaint was a winner and that everyone should be afraid.

Then he amended it.  Twice.  Each time, he had to make some changes to bring them into proper form.  If it was so good the first time, why amend it at all?

So he tweets this:

Let me get this straight:  If you lose, it was because the attorney was skilled.  Did you just compliment Aaron Walker?


And then..

So wait, if Aaron Walker was the World’s Worst Attorney, and he beat you, you think you’ve become good enough to beat a more seasoned attorney?


Bonus question:

If John Hoge wins his pro se case and gets judgment against you, does that make him a skilled pro-se?  What does that make you?

I’ll help: You get to keep the title you quoted in the second tweet prefaced with the word, “Adjudicated.”


10 thoughts on “Oh really?

  1. Also he can’t prevail, spoliation, deleted his own misdeeds thousands and millions of defamatory words by him deliberately deleted from the internet.

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