Sunday Blessings


This week, I’m and thankful for all my friends, work colleagues and family who have put up with my antics this week.

It’s been a long week of work, which culminated on a priority one distress signal from the data team where they asked me to manually upload a data file because the automated system was not working.

An hour after the job started, I left to run a some errands for a couple of hours and came back to an irate data manager screaming for me to cancel the job because lots of duplicate records were being created. I knew this wasn’t my fault, and I told him so. He didn’t seem at all pleased, but I was determined to prove him wrong.

I took a few minutes to analyze the situation and determined that, not only was the batch file processing correctly, the problem was caused by bad data in the system that was used in creating the duplicate records. ¬†Except they weren’t really duplicates.

Before I announced my findings, I made a bet that I would actually end up showing him both he and his team were wrong, and they were more than eager to gamble their reputations. I now have an extra $25 on my Starbucks card.

As far as my other antics, let’s just say that every parent has a right to embarrass their children. My daughter got to hear me sing Happy Birthday to her, very loudly, in Target. I haven’t seen it on youtube yet, but perhaps, soon.

I would also like to ask for prayers for my neighbor, Mickie. She has finally decided to agree to in home hospice care. She continues to get worse and I’m afraid it won’t be much longer until her body can no longer sustain itself. Prayers are needed that she will be at peace when she is finally called home.

I will be blogging a bit more on political topics these next few weeks. And it will be sporadic. I have more real life antics to commit.

Wishing and praying you all have a wonderful week ahead.

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