Out of Office

Apologies everyone, I am currently out on the road attending to some planned events. I realized only yesterday that I had not staged the Rule 5 and Fun Fact posts for this week. They will resume starting next week once I get back home this weekend.

In case anyone is wondering, yes I am driving to all destinations. The trip included a wedding, some meetings for an upcoming convention, and a get together with some friends along the way. A few months ago, I looked into flying and using rental cars for travel to the various events. Coordinating flight times, hotels, rental cars, and ensuring I was able to be on time proved pretty expensive.

I bought a new truck back in August (2021 Chevy Silverado) and decided I would drive across the country. The one place I needed to attend in Nebraska was able to accommodate my driving schedule much better and that allowed everything to fall into place.

When I planned the drive, gas was around $3.10 for premium, which is what I use for the truck. So far, the average price for each fill-up is around $4.75. While it’s still cheaper, it’s a pretty big rip-off. At least, no one has to endure mean tweets. Thank God for that! Always count your blessings.

The drive back home starts tomorrow and I should be in the driveway on Friday. Gas prices have gone up about 5 more cents, most likely due to Memorial Day. Or Biden. Take your pick. The real question is whether it will stay there or continue to rise. For some people, it may require a second $15 an hour job.

Speaking of second jobs, or in this case, the Parkinson’s Con Job, old Bill Schmalfeldt is working the airwaves at KGGF-AM radio in Coffeyville, Kansas.

His bio appears here. He mentions his wife and their two cats. How adorable! Any bets on when they ask him to clean the toilets and his PD reappears? I would say sometime in late 2022. Signup sheets are in the breakroom.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

Maintenance Mode

I’m in the middle of some office upgrades and wasn’t able to get this week’s Rule 5 and Fun Fact posts staged.

This involves installing a new motorized standing desk that supports a few monitors, including a 49″ monitor I bought a few months ago

In order to support the types and number of monitors, I also had to buy a new docking station that would host a more powerful graphics adapter. The graphics card is based on an nVidia GE Force GPU that supports 4 displays, each with a max resolution of 3840 x 2160 resolution at 60 MHz.

I’m also doing some additional wiring to add a couple more outlets. Once I had the old desk removed, it dawned on me this might be the best time to do some additional work to support some other equipment I plan on buying.

Unsurprisingly, there are still some items on order which have not arrived that is also complicating these enhancements. It would seem the Joe Biden economy isn’t well suited to support some of these DIY upgrades.

Working from home has its advantages, but I can hardly take over other areas of the house with my normal setup. So I’ve been relegated to one side of the couch, squinting at a 15″ LCD screen during the day, and working in my office at night trying to complete the upgrades in between weekends.

So there won’t be any Rule 5 posts or Fun Facts this week. I will have new posts starting next week. Oh, and some much needed graphics updates to the website will follow shortly after that.

Thanks as always for your patience and understanding. I’ll post pictures when all is said and done.


Apologies for the Delay..

Unlike Joe Biden (and Bill Schmalfeldt), I actually have a real job that benefits real Americans. Usually, I stage the Rule 5 and Fun Fact posts over the weekend. Unfortunately, this weekend saw a client escalation that required my attention. Since “C” level types are watching from above with great interest, some weekend activities were delayed.

Now that the world is no longer on fire.. er.. well, at least the production problems have been resolved, things should be back to normal.

Thanks for being patient.

So about those Fun Facts last week…

Normally, I do the next week’s Rule 5 and Fun Facts posts the prior Sunday. Last week was the perfect storm for that not to happen. Over Christmas, I took a much needed vacation and spent some time reorganizing my computer system.

I ended up staging the Rule 5 posts all the way to Jan 17th, but did not do the same with Fun Facts because those are a bit more intensive. Usually, it takes an hour or two find some that are interesting for the upcoming week. I ended up working the weekend (Jan 9/10th) in preparation for some customer workshops with a new client and totally spaced it.

Usually, when I miss them on the weekends, I will try to do each day’s early in the morning, but this past week, I wasn’t able to maintain that cadence due another client needing some more work and so my days ended up being long.

This week, things return to normal. Appreciate all the visits from everyone! Hope this year will be better despite Biden being President.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Despite all the challenges brought on by the Wuhan virus, the Democrats and unhappy liberals, this year has been good to me in more ways than one. I am thankful for each and every one of my readers. Most importantly, I am thankful to God for his grace and love.

May you all have a wonderful day of protesting with your family and friends and may the Lord bless and keep your family.