Apologies for the Delay..

Unlike Joe Biden (and Bill Schmalfeldt), I actually have a real job that benefits real Americans. Usually, I stage the Rule 5 and Fun Fact posts over the weekend. Unfortunately, this weekend saw a client escalation that required my attention. Since “C” level types are watching from above with great interest, some weekend activities were delayed.

Now that the world is no longer on fire.. er.. well, at least the production problems have been resolved, things should be back to normal.

Thanks for being patient.

So about those Fun Facts last week…

Normally, I do the next week’s Rule 5 and Fun Facts posts the prior Sunday. Last week was the perfect storm for that not to happen. Over Christmas, I took a much needed vacation and spent some time reorganizing my computer system.

I ended up staging the Rule 5 posts all the way to Jan 17th, but did not do the same with Fun Facts because those are a bit more intensive. Usually, it takes an hour or two find some that are interesting for the upcoming week. I ended up working the weekend (Jan 9/10th) in preparation for some customer workshops with a new client and totally spaced it.

Usually, when I miss them on the weekends, I will try to do each day’s early in the morning, but this past week, I wasn’t able to maintain that cadence due another client needing some more work and so my days ended up being long.

This week, things return to normal. Appreciate all the visits from everyone! Hope this year will be better despite Biden being President.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Despite all the challenges brought on by the Wuhan virus, the Democrats and unhappy liberals, this year has been good to me in more ways than one. I am thankful for each and every one of my readers. Most importantly, I am thankful to God for his grace and love.

May you all have a wonderful day of protesting with your family and friends and may the Lord bless and keep your family.

Quick note..

Playing a little catch-up with things around here.

The quarantine has not affected my work and, in fact, has ramped up a bit.  I have been tracking a number of things in the world of politics. I’m hoping to have some time to post my thoughts over the next few days.

Hope you all are doing well under these circumstances.  All of you are in my thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.