Folks, Your Government in Action

Oh For FFS...Transparency

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler (D) is now refusing to testify before Congress, ignoring their oversight responsibilities to question his new FCC regulations, for which he has kept absolutely secret.  You do realize the Administration has claimed they are the most “Transparent Administration in History” right?

Sticking with the Narrative

Climate Scientist and Professor Roger Pielke, Jr along with seven other scientists, are being targeted in a witch hunt because they have testified before Congress that casts doubt on the effects of carbon emissions.  Professor Pielke was noted for the claim that it is “incorrect to associate the increasing costs of disasters with the emission of greenhouse gases.” They are being investigated by Rep. Raúl Grijalva (D-AZ) for “unreported conflicts of interests from funding received from oil and other corporate interests.”

Let’s just see if I understand this:

FCC wants to implement 332 pages of regulations for “Net Neutrality.”  The issue is based on the premise that Internet providers can not throttle bandwidth based on a content provider.  This stems from Comcast having Netflix pay a premium to deliver movies to Comcast customers.

A marketplace solution was worked out, but the FCC Democrats claim it’s not the correct fix.  The actual legislative authority doesn’t exist, but the FCC is going to change the definition of a “telecommunications provider” to include internet service providers.

The solution only needs a law that says, “Internet providers cannot restrict, impede, block or otherwise prevent, lawful content  to its customers as part of its delivery of services.”   Lobbyists will fight it, but in the end, that would be far better than this kind of power grab.

In regards to the witch hunt, obviously, Rep Grijalva is in synchronous goose step with Team Obama and the extreme left-wing zealots who want to squelch scientific advancement.  This obviously violates the narrative that the science is settled.  Like a good little soldier, the elected representative has chosen to ignore his legislative responsibility and abdicated his authority so he can be in good standing with his party.  Why do liberals hate science?

Facepalm Moment:

George Soros is funding the Net Neutrality advocates.  Grijalva is going after corporate interests.  Anyone not see the problem here?

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