Obama orders Immigration Officials to Violate the Law

border_patrolPresident Obama’s amnesty program was placed on hold by a Federal judge a little over a week ago.  On Monday, the
President filed for stay with the same judge to allow the program to continue while the Judge continues with the case.
Now, the President has decided to tell ICE workers, who are required to follow US law, that if they do not follow the new amnesty policy, there will be repercussions. Continue reading

NY Times Editorial Board: Republicans Assault On Immigration

Oh, poor baby!

NY Times Editorial Board is mad Judge thinks Obama should follow the rules.

The NY Times Editorial Board opined on the Federal Judge that halted Obama’s Amnesty.  In its attempt to paint the Judge as an opponent of President Obama, the hit piece does little more than run cover for the President by repeating the same arguments that the Judge made in his ruling as if somehow, the Judge did not understand the issue. Continue reading