Michelle Malkin: DHS won’t release hyped report on CNN

dont-tread-on-meMichelle Malkin tweets:

CNN reported about the publication regarding domestic terrorism. Other news outlets also picked up the story, but CNN spent considerable time discussing during a few broadcasts.  

In the report, DHS declared that right wing “sovereign citizens” groups were a top domestic terrorist threat.  While DHS has explained that these reports are updated periodically, the “right wing” groups continue to be the focus of the Obama administration to highlight domestic threats of obscure groups and individuals, while ignoring the growing threat of ISIS.

Curiously, DHS released the report during the President’s Summit on Violent Extremism, or as Michelle calls it: Don’t Say Jihad Summit.

The issue, however, is that CNN got a copy of the report which, according the emails snapshots she posted on Twitter, seemed to suggest they weren’t available to the public:


Wonder why CNN can get a copy?

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