Obama orders Immigration Officials to Violate the Law

border_patrolPresident Obama’s amnesty program was placed on hold by a Federal judge a little over a week ago.  On Monday, the
President filed for stay with the same judge to allow the program to continue while the Judge continues with the case.
Now, the President has decided to tell ICE workers, who are required to follow US law, that if they do not follow the new amnesty policy, there will be repercussions.

“If somebody’s working for ICE … and they don’t follow the policy, there’s going to be consequences to it.”

This is illegal.  There are laws on the books that says employers cannot force employees to perform an illegal act.  The President is not immune from this.  Lets hope that he’s willing to wait until the legal process plays out, although the Administration is currently looking to implement in the 24 states not part of the legal suit.  Not sure what kind of legal theory they will present to allow that to happen, but it just goes to show how determined Obama is to get Amnesty going since he knows, as other legal scholars believe, once it happens, it will be hard to stop.

In other news, McConnell has given up on trying to get the Democrats to allow voting on the House Bill that strips funding of Amnesty from the DHS funding. Boehner has been standing firm, for now.

McConnell can stand with a musket over his head at an NRA meeting, but seems to cower when punched in the face.  Mitch, you need to go on the offensive and get the people to call the Dems, blow up the switchboards and say, “We don’t want to give money to illegals instead of protecting the country.  Pass the House DHS bill.”

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