In case anyone is wondering..


I, too, joined the ranks of the NRA.  I’ve never felt the need to join until after CNN’s shameless so called “town hall” attempted to vilify a respectable organization and the vile attacks on Dana Loesch.

I will also no longer use any rental car agency, bank, or other consumer product that feels its necessary to side with liberal fascists over good people fighting for constitutional rights.

This includes canceling my business relationship with Symantec, Enterprise Rental Cars, Wyndam Rewards, and my one credit card with First Bank of Omaha (it’s not a NRA card, but it’s a principle thing.)

Giving my money to an organization and companies that cares about my rights seems a more responsible approach than to knee-jerk corporations who stand with mindless liberals, who, ironically, hate corporations anyway.  For all those corporate image folks, how does it feel to get played by a leftist group that hates you anyway?