The Left’s hypocritical pivot from Nikolas Cruz


On February 14, 2018, Nikolas Cruz made the final choice to arm himself with a rifle and ammunition, UBER to the Stoneman Douglas High School, and proceed to shoot up the students and faculty members, killing 17 people.

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve learned of the litany of failures within the local, state and federal governments that could have easily prevented Cruz from making that choice.

With the cries of still grieving students being paraded around by leftists, and now the scripting of a “town hall” media event by CNN using the victims of the shootings as props, including watching the Broward County Sheriff take a political position to applause despite failures within his own department, including his own armed deputy who failed to go after the shooter in progress, the left has silenced the real actors whose culpability is more the problem.

It is very clear that CNN and members of the media have turned away from fixing the real problem of kids who have the potential of repeating this massacre.  When the President made a tweet about “sicko shooter”, CNN immediately tried to cover it with “expert” rebuttal.


Of course the “experts” were people from anti-gun groups.  In other words, its about raising the rhetoric for their real agenda – banning guns and attacking the NRA.  I don’t know about you, but anyone who chooses to shoot up defenseless kids in high school is a savage and a sicko.

During the “town hall”, Dana Loesch made it clear that as an NRA member she would have been there for the students to help stop their attacker, despite the angry rhetoric and mob cheer of parents of students who were trying to get a scripted camera moment.  The NRA wasn’t responsible for Cruz making the ultimate decision to kill people at the high school.  Neither was Loesch nor any other NRA member.  And sadly, had the school administrators been smart enough to use the vast and informed resources provided by the NRA, they might have had a different outcome.

Then again, we’re talking about multiple levels of government agencies that failed at many points in time when they had an opportunity to stop Cruz. And none of that matters.

I don’t care to hear the left’s preamble of “We’re not taking away guns.”  That’s a lie. Any ban on any weapon that was previously available is a ban.  Once you take the rifles away, it’ll be back to handguns.  Handguns can do just as much damage as an AR-15 rifle and are much easier to transport.  Guess what they will come after next?

Imagine substituting the AR-15 rifle with say a SIG Sauer P320 or a Smith and Wesson M&P against a number of students who are unarmed and the sheriff’s deputy hiding outside.  Would the carnage be less? And more importantly, what would be the response of the left?

On the Tucker Carlson show, a Democrat Florida legislator was interviewed and when asked about the failures of the government agencies he oversees, he immediately went into the issue of proliferation of guns.  My perception was that he was not only not interested in fixing the problem within government, but he didn’t seem to think the agency failures were that big of deal.

Imagine how much more comforting it is to women and children who are victims of an abusive family member, knowing that this “gun control legislative advocate” just wants to remove guns from society and doesn’t really care about whether the agencies he oversees are doing their job.   If it’s not clear now, it should be – the government is incapable of protecting you precisely because of these leftist politicians.

In the meantime, students who have been muted asking about why the government failed to stop Nikolas Cruz remained flustered as the media props up students who agree with the agenda of gun control and banning “assault rifles”.  What about their right to be heard and the ability to determine for themselves how to protect their own lives or express their own views?

It’s very clear the chasm of compromise has grown larger because of the media, especially CNN’s staged stunt, and the leftists who are rallying around these kids, propping up their credentials by using their still unresolved grieving.  It’s only a matter of time, and another shooting, that liberals may finally snap.

Of course, the irony in all this is that students from Parkland, Florida, were calling Dana Loesch a murderer even though she’s had to move and arm herself to protect her family from death threats  by, of all people, leftists who don’t like guns and violence.  Funny how one student was talking about their movement will do more to save her kids than what Dana could with no support from the CNN moderator Jake Tapper,  who was well aware of Loesch’s history.

Dana is smart – she recognizes that there are good people in government, but not enough of them to protect her and her family, much less the leftist politicians that supposedly have her best interests.

And yet, all of this smothers the real problem: No one seems to want to fix the system that allowed Nikolas Cruz to slip through the cracks, even though the system has worked to stop other kids.

But you know, it’s the NRA’s fault.

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