I’m not a lawyer, but.. #47Traitors or #47Patriots and the Logan Act

Preamble of the Constitution

Depending on which side of the political aisle you’re on, no doubt you have heard the latest dust up regarding whether the Republican Senators who signed the open letter to Iran are traitors. Make no mistake, the liberals are on full blast screaming about how seditious these irresponsible Republicans are, so much so, they have created a petition to get charges filed against these Obama haters. Continue reading

The Constitutional Crisis Obamabots want you to believe

liberals-be-all-angryYesterday, I fisked Paul Waldman’s post regarding the 47 Republican Senator’s open letter to Iran that has caused a great deal of anger among the Democrats.  In it, I included an example of how the Democrats have, in the past, tried to undermine US Foreign policy of a Republican President.  Today, on Twitchy, there are even more examples of how Democrat Senators went to see communist leaders to undermine foreign policy objectives of the sitting President, in this case, Ronald Reagan

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