Careful what you wish for..


The Iranians seem to think Trump is like Obama.

I’m not one to suggest that we just up and blast Iran off the map.  We don’t need American service members dying because the Iranian President wants to get lippy.

Then again, the rhetoric of one Iranian Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi suggests that chest beating is for real:  He threatened to sink American ships if Trump pulled the US out of the Iranian nuclear deal. Trying to push Trump around with military threats is probably not a very wise choice.



4 thoughts on “Careful what you wish for..

  1. You can’t see a jet when it’s over 40,000 feet high. Can’t hear it coming. And, when it’s a B-2, you can’t stop it. Multiply by multiple aircraft.

    Fact is, the US could execute the Iranian government at the time of its (our) choosing. Bomb Parliament in session and likewise the top 10-15 mullahs.

    Take out all suspected nuke sites with bunker busters. Sink their navy. Leave the rest of the country alone; no need to blast Iran off the map. Should take less than a hour. Max. Will take a bit more than a hour to contact the highest-ranking surviving Iranian general can say, “Knock it off or you’re next.”

    This approach would work for North Korea also. Wash, rinse, repeat.

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  2. I notice the Iranian ‘navy’ hasn’t been hassling our Navy lately. I wonder if some little birdie told them the standing orders had been changed from “chase them off” to “Sink their sorry *sses!”?

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