Didn’t realize I missed Friday-Sunday fun facts last week.  I normally stage things one week ahead but must’ve gotten distracted towards the end.  Lot’s of squirrels around here.

Also, I’m late on this week’s posts but plan to get them up in a few hours.  This weekend, I had an opportunity to disconnect from the internet and I took it.  Much needed realignment of mind and spirit.

Glad I did.  Looks like stupid is running amok with the liberals.

News and Notes About the Site…

ToolboxI am making updates slowly but surely to the site as I get time.  Some nights, I have more time and so will a bit adding widgets, links, and other things to this site.  So its going to evolve.  Evolution means change.  For those who are don’t adapt well to change, glad you’re on the ride early.

Thank you for visiting.  Make your presence known at any time.