We now return you to regular programming…

A lot has happened the past couple of weeks – some of it planned, some of it not so much. There are still several big events left to get through. To quote rarely used words from a famous Maryland Jedi Master, things didn’t happen like I had foreseen.. like.. at all.

At some point, I will share all the crazy things that have been happening, but for now the waters have calmed and I am focusing on the more important things, such as moving. That was one major thing that was unplanned. No, it had nothing to do with Bill Schmalfeldt and him making a federal case. This was something my wife and I had been contemplating for some time, and after a few missed opportunities, a very good one presented itself and we took it.

Closing should be completed by the end of the month and we just listed our current house. We are hoping to get a good offer in the next week. The realtor was able to line up a few prospective buyers within hours. Buyers are still out there.

Also during this time, I had a family reunion to attend which also afforded me the chance to meet up with some old friends for some impromptu gatherings that includes fireball whiskey shots and late night karaoke. Couple that with a bout of Covid-19 earlier this week (one home test was positive, but subsequent tests have been negative) and my body finally gave out. Contracting Covid-19 was another of the major unplanned events. Full disclosure: I’m not vaccinated, and it was very mild.

I realized earlier this week lying in bed that I hadn’t completely staged the previous week’s Rule 5 and FFOD posts and had nothing set up for this week. So last week’s posts will resume tomorrow. I am staging a few of weeks worth of posts to help me get through the move. I’m only moving a couple of miles away into a more affluent neighborhood, but a lot of work nonetheless.

Hope everyone is having a great summer!

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