Move completed.

We have moved into our new digs. No, this isn’t the house. The good news is that we were able to find a buyer for our previous home rather quickly and should close in a couple of weeks. Bill Schmalfeldt didn’t make an offer. Funny, I haven’t received a summons nor a court order to turn it all over to him. Oh well.

Since the new house has double the living space in it, the Rule 5 wife got brand new furniture. I also have a man-cave now that I will be remodeling over the new few weeks. It has some neat amenities like a bar and green carpeting with football field lines painted on it. My office is set up in the back of it since I am still working. I will post pics once it’s completed.

It’s been a crazy summer. Things should return to normal now that inflation is back to zero percent. Or something.

Appreciate your patience. Rule 5 returns tomorrow with a special weekend edition.

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