Cruz-Kasich Alliance – Taking on Trump’s First Order

darth-trumpSenator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Governor John Kasich (R-OH) have teamed up in an attempt to keep Donald Trump from getting to the magic 1237 number needed to clinch the Republican Nomination.   In what appears to be a coordinated effort, both campaigns have targeted specific states that will benefit one candidate over the other, allowing campaigns to focus resources and get their anti-Trump message out.

While this might seem like a good idea for those many conservatives who see Trump as the Harbinger of Doom to the GOP, this reeks of more of a desperate attempt to stop his momentum.  Trump, winning decisively in his home state of New York has seen his polling numbers go up in the next set of states, and also in California where Trump could clinch it.

Of course, all this will depend entirely on what Trump supporters will do. Those on the fence might see this as a deliberate effort by both Cruz and Kasich to play “dirty”, something Trump will no doubt start whining about this week.

If you are still undecided, you would probably be wondering why there is such a spirited effort to stop Trump.  Cruz has worked the system effectively to secure delegates, a process that has been there for many years. despite Trump’s whining.  Go back to Wisconsin and Iowa, you’ll see that Trump showed everyone what a poor loser he is.

Of course, it is very true that Trump, despite his wins, has never acquired a majority of the votes in any caucus or primary he’s won, with the exception of his own turf of New York state.  On the other hand, if you’re a “the candidate with the most votes” should win – even if the process isn’t set up that way  –  you might find yourself leaning towards voting for the guy complaining the system is rigged.

One thing is for sure:  If Trump secures the nomination before the convention in July, the only people who are to blame are the Republican establishment – too many times, they made promises to their constituents and failed to deliver. If he doesn’t, don’t be surprised of Trump ends up losing in the end and taking his voters with him.


Cruz Send Election Materials to PA Voters – Trump Supporters up in Arms

ted_cruzOver at the Gateway Pundit comes this article that seems to do a lot of hand-waving:

The Ted Cruz campaign is handing out pro-Cruz delegate ‘cheat sheets’ at Pennsylvania campaign stops.

Cruz is currently in third place in the state but is hoping to steal a majority of the delegates.

So let me get this straight:  Cruz is doing something perfectly in the rules and this is some kind of story?  My guess is that GP is trying to keep on Trump’s radar of some happenings that might affect the outcome.  In other words, they continue to point out Trump’s ineptness at running his ground game.

Campaigning on the cheap.

Trump’s Delegate Failure – just Bad Business

donald_trump_seriousDonald Trump is a very successful real estate mogul.  His net worth well above $10 billion is an American success story very few have achieved.  Of course, he’s had his fair share of struggles, and his critics suggest that not everything is above board.

To be successful in business, one must know and understand the rules.  Deal making is an art form that Trump is an unequivocal master.  But, in business, deals that go wrong are often because someone forgot to read the contract, understand the local laws, and get the right people together to help deal with any obstacles. Continue reading