Liberals might be Happier than Conservatives

From the Washington Postsmileyface

The reason, they say, is that political conservatives have a tendency to self-aggrandize. When they compared happiness self-reports with tests that measured a tendency to enhance one’s better qualities, they found that the happiness gap could be explained by a self-enhancement gap. In other words, liberals were being more honest about their personal pitfalls.

Essentially, a previous study that had conservatives self-report their happiness suggests that Conservatives were exaggerating and that perhaps, Liberals, were just not being modest.

In the new study, they analyzed photos and posts from both Linked and Twitter.  Apparently, Conservatives tweet more angry and post not as happy pictures as Liberals.. or something.   All because of what you post tells you how much happier or sadder you are.


Hope you all are having a nice day like I am!  🙂