Year in Review

raining popcorn

Thanks for reading the blog!  I am very thankful for your patronage.

Making posts this year has been erratic thanks to Trump’s booming economy. This past year, I have been to the states of Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Kansas, New Mexico, Colorado, Oklahoma, Iowa, Missouri and Wisconsin.  These past few months, I have spent a great deal of time in Chicago.  This will continue through June as I complete my project.

This past year has been quite interesting on the political front. Donald Trump is still  President despite Democrats following through on their threats to impeach him since before he even took office.  Being the head of state and talking to a country about corruption that possibly involves a former Vice President is some kind of an impeachable offense.  Claiming executive privilege is also an impeachable offense.  Who knew there was such a thing as Obstruction of Congress?

Even with all that happening, the most viewed stories this year are about Team Kimbergarten’s own Bill Schmalfeldt.   Bill has been traveling just like I have been, except he can’t seem to settle down someplace and grow roots.  The following stories are the Top Five viewed this year:

Number 5: Well, that didn’t take long

Bill started up a new internet radio station after leaving his radio gig in Havre, Montana.  He claimed at the time that his Parkinson’s Disease had returned and that he was going back with Lady Di to focus on treatment in South Carolina.

Number 4: Something is amiss…

Bill recently picked up a job in Burlington, Iowa and was the focus of an article in the Iowa Hawkeye newspaper. The article painted Bill as an anxious retiree wanting to go back to work.  Trouble is, Bill seemed to have forgotten about half a dozen years of noteworthy events, notably with his association with an infamous character from Doonesbury.

Number 3: In case you were wondering

At his new gig in Burlington, Bill was driving a promotional vehicle around.  It was over a decade ago he gave up driving due to his progressive Parkinson’s Disease.  There is some speculation on the risk of him driving considering events I laid out in the post.

Number 2: Hmmm…

Bill had been managing Burlington’s KQ92 Facebook page as part of his stint as an afternoon DJ.  In the post, I noticed that his posting activity on that page had dropped and speculated that his time was coming to an end.  As an aside, I noticed that Willy Ferguson, another of Schmalfeldt’s comrades from Team Kimbergarten, took offense to a TKPOD post made by John Hoge.  Let’s just say that there is a version of Hoge Manor occupying a rather large plot inside Ferguson’s head.

Number 1: Question..

Schmalfeldt’s time in Havre, Montana, had just come to an abrupt ending.  He claimed it was a flare up of Parkinson’s Disease.  In this post, I ponder the cycles of the PD living inside Schmalfeldt’s head.

Thanks for visiting!  Wishing you a wonderful and prosperous 2020!

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