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Have to ask…

Many people say things happen in cycles.

In 2015, this particular cycle was at the bottom with the ultimate end on the horizon.

In 2016, the cycle changed and things improved to the point of normal.

In 2017, it was going downhill because of date in a witness box.

In 2018, it reversed course and reached a peak late in the year of being normal.

In 2019, the cycle is going downhill once again and things are rapidly becoming dire.

I’m talking about a very rare form of Parkinson’s Disease.

So one question is this:

If it’s so bad, how can one take a long train ride for two days across the country?

And the other question:

Who didn’t see this coming?



18 thoughts on “Question..

  1. Funny how he keeps “quitting” right when the probationary period is over. Why it’s almost as if he keeps getting fired but he’s too much of a lying coward to actually admit it.

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  2. “Ha! You’ve fallen victim to one of the classic blunders! The first is never get involved in a land war in Asia. The second, only slightly less famous, is never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line. And the third, only slightly less less famous, is NEVER FILE A WORKER’S COMP CLAIM WHEN THEY CAN STILL FIRE YOU WITHOUT CAUSE!”

    Seriously though: what kind of idiots does this guy have for friends that he can tell them that he “quit” three consecutive jobs WITHOUT ANY NOTICE and they can’t figure out that he’s getting fired?

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      • He said the symptoms of his Parkinson’s Disease had deteriorated to where he had to resign immediately and now seeks treatment in South Carolina. He never offered any evidence from a medical physician confirming this “sudden onset of debilitating symptoms from Parkinson’s Disease.”

        If he is truly deteriorating, he would be very wise to keep his focus on his therapy and quality of life away from the internet. Should he choose a different course, he can expect more of the same failure as in the past.


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