Something is amiss..

tom hanks hmmm

Gee, I wonder what it is?

Our good friend Bill Schmalfeldt is in the news.  Actually, he’s in the news in Iowa as the new radio DJ for KQ92 in Burlington, Iowa.

The Hawkeye writes:

“I retired from the federal government in 2011, and basically, I’m just sick of being retired, so I started looking for something to do that wouldn’t tax my condition, and let’s face it, look around —”

Small waved his arm broadly to indicate his studio, which the radio audience could not see, of course.

″— this is not digging ditches. This does not require a lot of walking, it basically just requires sitting here and being entertaining, and by golly, I think I can still do that.”

I guess the newspaper didn’t do a proper background check on him, either.  He doesn’t even mention being associated with his progressive friend,  the Speedway Bomber Brett Kimberlin.  If one didn’t know any better, you’d think he’s been retired since 2011 and never harmed a fly.

He is obviously still proud of his participation in the Vanderbuilt Deep Brain Scan trials. He doesn’t mention that after the study, his disease had progressed to the point where he could barely function, and never shared that the reason he retired was because he could no longer even work from home.  Yet, he says that he wants to do something that doesn’t “tax his condition.”

One of the things Bill Schmalfeldt is known for is lying.  Lying by omission is still a lie.  And if there is one lesson in life everyone knows is that lies will eventually catch up to you.


9 thoughts on “Something is amiss..

  1. I still don’t understand how the station’s legal department (his name is Dale, I think) could consent to putting a guy who has been dying of late stage ELEVENTY Parkinson’s for almost 20 years behind the wheel of a promotional vehicle.

    One slip of the foot and the farmer whose wife just got bounced into next week is going to own him a radio station.

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    • Oh I just commented

      Ask him about the twelve restraining orders many by women and children in numerous states he received. Ask him about his claiming in a federal lawsuit that the child rape programs he made shouldn’t be called child porn. Google him, look at his filth on amazon

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