Things aren’t as rockin’ as they once were.

Doing my usual check-in on our good friend Bill Schmalfeldt and I see that the number of posts on the KQ92 Rocks Facebook page has dropped significantly.

The bestiality joke accompanying an article from the NY Post didn’t exactly excite the readers. Monty the Collusion cat apparently needs CBD laced treats, obviously still smarting from Mueller’s failure to remove Trump.  That post didn’t generate much either.  The last post to generate any excitement was the posting of a “cosplay pig” at the Iowa State fair that had to be edited because the picture included a woman who drew far more .. comments.

In late July, ole’ Big Bill Small posted on the station’s Facebook page multiple times a day.  Now, it’s only had a few posts over the past couple of weeks.  Has the PD come back?  Or is it something else?  Whatever the problem is, the promotional firestorm for the Classic Rock station has dropped to a dull “meh” on Facebook.

For those of us who have watched these mini-saga’s, the pattern is all too familiar.  He seems to go quiet before some sort of life-changing firin.. er.. event.  Now, it’s entirely possible that he is legitimately busy doing other things in the background that aren’t public. Doubtful, but always within the realm of possibility.  I would bet we will know soon.

Speaking of losers, Very Ordinary Seaman Willie Ferguson took great offense to recent TKPOD over at Hogewash!

You would think that a successful software developer and elite musician such as Wee Willy would have “moved on”.   He doesn’t know how to “threading” either. You can tell by the subsequent tweets as they seem to get angrier and more desperate for attention, almost like he posts, waits for a bit after thinking about it, then tweets again.

The bigger takeaway: He hasn’t figured out how to evict Hoge from living in his head.

Yep, I laughed.

11 thoughts on “Hmmm…

  1. Mama always said, “Pathetic is as pathetic does.” Or maybe that was “Pedo is as pedo does.” It’s been a long time since she said it. One or the other. Or both.

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  2. Who says you can’t sue a nobody? And why is Team Kimbergarten so endlessly obsessed with John’s posterior? He’s much, much too old for their usual juvenile proclivities.

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  4. Another 60 day probationary period expires, another “sudden resignation!”

    Which of your long-held, bedrock principles did they ask you to violate this time, Bill?

    They wanted you to not be a repulsive hypocrite, didn’t they?

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