Well, that didn’t take long.

tyrion drinking wine

He’s back on the air.

So far, he’s streaming music on what I would guess is the free trial period.

At the beginning of his feed, he re-tweeted a number of posts about Parkinson’s Disease. I would venture a guess that he was attempting to push the narrative that he is physically unwell (again), since he suddenly “quit” his radio job in Havre, Montana, blaming it on the rapid onset of Parkinson’s Disease symptoms – whatever that means.

Of course, he didn’t share a medical diagnosis to support that declaration.

In 2010, he claimed that the progression of his disease would no longer allow him to do his job as a (squints) “GS-13 writer for the National Institutes of Health from home.”  Earlier, he was allowed to work from home after informing them that he was unable to work from his government supplied office.  He had given up driving and surrendered his license back in 2009 because he couldn’t trust his instincts to drive.

As I and others have documented, his claims that his PD has made him invalid didn’t stop him a few years later from moving to Wisconsin, getting a driver’s license, buying a car, and driving across the country. In fact, it was only a couple weeks ago he shared he had obtained a Montana driver’s license.

Now, a few birdies have indicated the reason he left Havre is not what he claims.  Indeed, the prior job he had in Guymon, Oklahoma, was also a sudden departure.  His explanation was that he needed to get out “Trump Country”.  Yet, in Havre, he told a story that he ran into locals at a tire shop telling him that he was doing an awesome job!  Within a few short weeks, he’s leaving because of his sudden health decline?

I guess we’ll see what happens and whether he’s telling the truth that he is physically unable to hold a job once again.  I would not be shocked if he started traveling for another job. After all, there were promises made to his bride to be.

15 thoughts on “Well, that didn’t take long.

  1. “Yet, in Havre, he told a story that he ran into locals at a tire shop telling him that he was doing an awesome job!”

    Oh, gosh. I hope no one was hurt!

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  2. I’m confused. He “quit” his job in Montana talking into a microphone because the PD once again got bad after it miraculously got better. Now he’s so sick he had to move back to grift off balloon animal’s family again. AND he’s doing an internet radio show talking into a microphone. Huh.

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