In case you’re wondering..

You're actually serious

Remission continues.

Over on the KQ92 Facebook page, new radio jock Big Bill Small (who isn’t even listed on the jock list yet) is driving a promotion vehicle.


If you’ll recall, Big Bill Small – aka, Bill Schmalfeldt, gave up driving in 2009 because his Parkinson’s Disease had progressed to the point that he stopped driving. In 2010, he applied for retirement because he was no longer able to work from home due to the progressive nature of the disease. In 2012, he wrote an article claiming his Parkinson’s Disease was so bad he could barely walk.

In his legal filings, Schmalfeldt weaponized his diagnosis against his adversaries. His claims of a disability were meant to illicit judicial sympathy in the hopes of a favorable outcome.  He failed, repeatedly.

My hope is that he doesn’t get into an accident. Indeed, if he were to be at fault, the radio station and it’s management could be in a precarious position, especially if a lawsuit is filed.  Discovery could reveal that Mr. Schmalfeldt has an interesting past, much of it memorialized in past lawsuits.

Remember, Parkinson’s Disease never gets better.  And yet, he’s the only person since 2012, to recover enough to buy a car, drive it across the country, and even take train rides that last for days across the country.  We were all told that such trips were impossible for his condition, and on one occasion, he ignored a court order from another state and threatened to sue the judge and county if he was forced to travel.

Wonder how plaintiff’s attorney might approach such a thing?

11 thoughts on “In case you’re wondering..

  1. I drive a dodge Hemi 4×4 occasionally:
    -no way if he has Parkinson’s Disease will he even be able to get in the truck.
    -diving a Hemi requires very good muscle control of the RIGHT FOOT.

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    • I wonder, since Shottenkirk doubtless retains ownership, if they have sufficient insurance to cover a driver “diagnosed” with Parkinson’s Disease.

      I also wonder, having test-driven a similar Ram truck, how he’s wedging his oversized ass in between the console and rather thick door.

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      • You know what…having now watched the videos of him picking up the truck and the one embedded above…congratulations of dropping that hundred or so pounds, Schmally. Now that you’re no more than ordinarily fat for a man of your years, it’s more clear than ever your diagnosis was always bullshit. Quite obviously, it was just the toxic mix of obesity, laziness, and bone-deep stupidity all along. Calling it Porkinson’s has never felt more appropriate.

        Stay off the sauce in Shottenkirk’s truck, though. They’ll probably bill you if you curb-grind their tires.

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