Dumbass Tweet’s O’Day

McCoy roll eyes Spock walks away

Speaking of unstable.

Robert Reich is an example of a liberal cult that ignores inconvenient facts and history to push an agenda. Justice Ginsburg passed away on September 18, almost two months before the next election. Filling a Supreme Court justice can happen in days or even hours. Judge Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed after six weeks of Justice Ginsburg’s death and went through the established process. The Democrats were made because they only cared the seat should go to THEIR pick. An inconvenient death doesn’t mean the government stops functioning.

Impeachment is different: Even the President is entitled to a fair trial to present a defense and allow witnesses to be called. Indeed, impeachment should be a deliberative process and not used on a whim. Democrats, however, intend on humiliating Trump at all costs and will look to turn their attention to anyone who supported Trump. What Reich and his liberal cohorts want is revenge for their hurt feelings.

Reich’s timeline is filled with obvious hypocritical positions on various topics, but what is amusing is that his complete lack of self-awareness is his only gift.

And speaking of lack of self-awareness:

Half the House of Representatives almost died? And Trump ordered a coup? These are the people that want an immediate impeachment and sadly, they are now the power leaders in government.

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