PD in remission (Updated)

You're actually serious

Bill Schmalfeldt has a new job.

A tip from Pablo, Bill has shown up at a KCHI Radio in Chillicothe, Missouri.

He retired back in July 2020 claiming his Parkinson’s Disease was flaring up. It went into remission for a short jaunt to Georgia where things fell apart once again. It appears his disease has gone into remission once again.

Oddly, he doesn’t yet appear on the station’s website. I haven’t found any promos for his new role either, but we’ll see what happens.

Wonder if he is driving? (Yes, it is a rhetorical question.)


A little birdy sent this to me:

Checked on it at 7:30 pm MST and it’s still there. Probably won’t be for much longer. It also shows that Lady Di is still with him.

12 thoughts on “PD in remission (Updated)

  1. But if he doesn’t share the cake, Laddy Dye’s dentistry issues won’t get worse, right?

    I mean, at this point everyone knows that nuptials and dentistry are off the table, right?

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    • But, but, but…there’s a ring! A real ring made from recycled gold fillings from the crematorium and a diamond chip from an industrial saw blade.

      I saw photos!

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