Define “Woman”

This seems pretty odd.

In the article, the author makes this statement:

Menstruation is often wrongly equated only with womanhood when the reality is a number of genders can have periods. The very little sex education available often fails to explain the difference between “sex” and “gender”, so allow me to:

Sex refers to the biological differences between bodies (i.e. genitalia), whereas gender refers to an individual’s concept of themselves and for many these often don’t match.

Transgender and/or non-binary individuals have a gender identity or expression that differs from their sex assigned at birth. There is a wide spectrum of gender identities, which means not everyone who menstruates is a cisgender woman. Having a period is an experience that is highly variable and it’s important to destigmatise without excluding anyone.

Scientifically speaking, there are only two sexes: male and female. A man cannot become a woman through chemicals and plastic surgery and assume characteristics of female reproduction. Yet, men who “transgender” make the argument that not all women can reproduce. That is irrelevant. Women who cannot reproduce do not start off with a penis. They are born with the same reproductive organs as a female. In other words, just because you change the exterior, it doesn’t mean you’re altering nature.

And yet, the effort of women over the years to assert their own rights is being transitioned (pardon the pun) to mean something else. Women who try to become men are now classified as “pregnant men.” But because the word “men” or “man” is just an offensive word of the patriarchy, it’s now just “people who can get pregnant.”

What follows below, however, is surreal, if not manic.

Apparently, this couple is considered “civil rights heroes”. Deranged is more the word for it.

For most people in the world, natural conception and childbirth with people happy with the assigned sex and “gender” is preferred. The grotesquery of the liberal left is an affront to nature. But, you know, they believe in science or something.

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