Year in Review – Top Five Posts of 2018


Bill Schmalfeldt is all about failure.  At the close of 2017, Schmalfeldt was denied his ability to drag people onto the witness stand in federal court.  The magistrate in Florence, South Carolina, determined that he had not met the burden to bring his haters into the state to be sued until he owned their wives, children and property.

Still, he attempted to harass me because I continually report on his shenanigans as a Parkinson’s Disease survivor. These are the stories which make up this year’s Top 5 posts of 2018.  Let’s stroll down memory lane.

#5: Doom Clock Expires (Again)

A week earlier, Schmalfeldt made some demands on me.  He wanted  the posts I made regarding him faking his Parkinson’s Disease to be removed and to apologize to him. In probably one of the most foreseen responses ever, I politely told him to go fuck himself.

#4: Welp

Schmalfeldt demanded an apology from me and set a doom clock for me to purge my website of what he claimed I published false statements regarding his Parkinson’s Disease diagnosis. In this post, I share an email he sent that I didn’t want to look like a pussy to my readers by standing up to him.  He didn’t understand: I wasn’t trying to impress anyone. He was just wrong about everything and I had no reason to acquiesce to his request.

#3: Wait, another job?

Schmalfeldt let the world know he secured another job in the midwest, only this time he tweeted he was not going to say another word so as not to jeopardize losing this job. He never responded to my question about his Parkinson’s Disease.

#2: Ummm..

The prior day, I had responded with a post to Schmalfeldt’s demands in the same way I have for any of his other demands (see post of the year #5).   In this post, I share a tweet he made that day where he was taking a selfie of himself driving and smoking a cigar – hardly the kind of thing a guy with advanced Parkinson’s Disease does.

#1: Bill Schmalfeldt is upset with me (Updated)

In early February, Bill Schmalfeldt decided to make it known through a series of tweets and comments that I was defaming him because I made the comment that he was faking his Parkinson’s Disease.  He wondered if I understood that he could prove that my statements were a pack of lies and that I was, once again, taking my livelihood into my own hands.  Later, he made additional threats that he was done with me and I would be held to account.  He never followed through, but this was just his first attempt of the year to get me stop reporting about his illness using his own words, posts and pictures.

As always, I would like to thank all my friends and visitors for coming to the site this year!  Looking forward to an even better 2019!

7 thoughts on “Year in Review – Top Five Posts of 2018

  1. Remember when DUMBFUCK was too Stage Eleventy-seven Parky to even speak to the attorney whose client he’d sued (and the wind cried Randazza!) but now he moves across the country at the drop of a hat to talk to lots of people for a (lol) living?

    I just don’t get why he doesn’t tell the world about his miraculous recovery from a disease you can never recover from.

    What’s up with that, DUMBFUCK?

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  2. I demand a recount! Posts 4 and 5 were robbed. Sure, post one was good, but telling Bill to fuck himself (politely or not) is always first or second place.

    This ‘vote’ is the result of Russian interference.

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