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  1. I may not be the sharpest axe at the woodpile but does he have a doctors permission to drive. He does claim to have Parkinson’s after all, and driving is one of the things your no longer are allowed to do when you have Parkinson’s. Would’t you like to know how I know this?

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  2. Yo! SC, if I may… I’d like to hijack your blog for a little administrivia.

    Wow! Q2 is over and Management thanks all of you for your extraordinary efforts. This was a tough YOY compare, because last year at this time we were looking at LOLSuit VIII, but you guys pulled it out. I can’t talk about our final numbers before releasing to The Street but let me just say… “Good on ‘ya. Good on you ALL.” You’re going to see it in your paychecks. Merit. Right? And Bernie Sanders can kiss all our Capitalist asses. TFS is the PREMIER blog community in the US and DAMN it shows!

    While I acknowledge all your hard work I also need to point out that Bill Schmalfeldt himself pulled us out. The Feldtdown over the last three days of May made a significant difference in drawing attention and upping overall activity.

    You, therefore, all know what I’m going to say next: Congratulations to The Sonoran Conservative who is named as our Q2 MVP. By virtue of this win, SC pulls in to a slight lead for second place in the FedEx Cup standings. Over Paul Krendler. John Hoge continues to hold first place comfortably and that’s as it should be. John simply brings it. Every. Single. Day. And I know John is working diligently in the background on more surprises to follow. I urge all of you to consider the example that John Hoge is.

    Even so, SC and PK are within striking distance. That’s unusual this early in our fiscal year. Ashterah and agiledog are not too far back, either. I note we have a newcomer, kmbuchanan, who is lending technical expertise with a level of detail that’s much welcome. FY-18 is looking very very good if I do say so myself. And I do.

    Ok. Some housekeeping: Crypto for your decoder rings changes on the 15th of this month. Go to the Sooper Sekrit Site for the values you’ll work through using your individual one-time pad. Note that the MD5 hash has been totally deprecated so if you have problems please check that your firmware is at 12.7.3 before calling IT.

    We welcome Team Themis as new corporate sponsors. Glad to have them and can’t wait to hear some new stories at our next cocktail hour.

    Personally signed, by you know who, MAGA hats are available in our company store. Limited supply but not all of you are fans anyway. I understand. But, DAMN, the policies! And the hits just keep on coming.

    I have everybodys vacation plans. Thankyou. Enjoy your time off this summer, spend time with your family, recharge and get ready to finish the year strong.

    Any among you who attended Starbucks sensitivity training please know that it doesn’t count. Not my call; it was our Legal department. Contact HR if you have questions.

    At the halfway point, for the year, let me also remind you that despite Schmalfeldt’s recent impact… Brett Kimberlin should be our focus. At this point, I don’t think I can set up KimberFest ’18 given the amount of time remaining. Anybody who wants to volunteer… Let me know. I worry, also, that even after summer vacations that Kilauea won’t have calmed down and I view with concern the potential impact on our golf team-building exercise.

    Thanks to your donations we HAVE enlisted Dr. Viktor Von Frahnkensteen to help Ms. Clinton with her hump. There’s a pic but I can’t be bothered with figuring out how to insert a image. Will let you know how that comes out. DOES show that, as always, it’s our side that has compassion given her Obamacare wouldn’t cover it.

    Thanks again for Q2. FY-18 is off to a good start. We’re not done yet.

    Mahalo y’all-

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    • Ty for the shout out but, buchananrick posted the nice technical “stuff” and I just spread it around….it needed spreadin’. We’ve been avid supporters of TFS for years now. We’re just usually quiet 🙂

      Stay tuned, a retrospective on DBS controllers through the years is coming soon to a post near you. Fun little gadgets!

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    • The final numbers for Q2 are quite outstanding, and show how TFS can pull together and perform in a less-than-optimal market!

      That said, the Schmalfeldt consortium also had a great quarter, adding three grandsons (one set of twins) and a granddaughter! The daughters and daughters-in-law seem to be enthusiastically working overtime, with more deliveries expected in the second half of FY18, and no signs of a slowdown going into FY19 and FY20.

      On the shadow-ops side, several successful adventures were completed, with two more mothballed for later activation. The build-up of allies on the Atlantic coast and in the mid-lands is gaining momentum, with several new initiatives being scoped and planned at this times.

      The fiscal plan looks strong, with some underperforming groups/divisions closed down, and the resulting freed resources redirected to new and exciting opportunities, including those mentioned above.

      Full report is online, at the usual site, with backup materials. Thanks to Marta and the Finance team for pulling it together!

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  3. A general observation about this photo:

    The person pictured claims to have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s in the year 2000.

    Now in this picture he is:
    Handling a cell phone.
    Using the cell to take one or more—I would bet a lot—selfies.
    He is looking at the cell phone and not the road.

    Now ladies and gentlemen are those activities that a person who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in the year 2000 would be able to do?

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