Doom Clock Expires (again)


I wrote this post on a few days ago because I already knew my answer the moment I saw the tweets.

There is no reason for me to retract my posts.

There is no reason for me to apologize for those posts.

All information that supports my opinions are based on Schmalfeldt’s publicly shared posts, tweets, and comments.  It is constitutionally protected opinion.

I state for the record that even if he sues me, I am not responsible for any or all sprained lulz muscles, spasms, diarrhea, cramps, swollen appendages, or other side effects that may result from his stupid complaint.

Follow at your own risk.  Speaking of which, I need to go stretch some lulz muscles.



26 thoughts on “Doom Clock Expires (again)

  1. He could so easily ignore us, yet chooses to wallow in his butthurt.

    Bill, I don’t think you have Parkinson’s because your own statements make it clear it goes away until you need an excuse to get out of something. You should have been slapped with contempt of court multiple times, should be locked up for disability fraud, should have faces charges for filing a false police report (not to mention the likely drunk driving that led to your trashed tires), and the Humane Society should be digging into the fates of your “pets”.

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    • I think he’s going to follow through with his brilliant legal reasoning and file in Iowa. After all, it was nothing but Lickspittle machinations and malicious mendacity that cost him that high-paying major-market radio gig. His twitter attacks on an Iowan, with the station call letters in his bio, had nothing to do with it. There’s no way the station management got around to googling the new jock and decided he wasn’t going to be a credit to the team. No, no, he’s got you dead to rights this time, you must have directly contacted the station folks and threatened them into firing poor, elderly, innocent, disabled, widower, viet-nam-ish veteran Bill. Also, since nobody he wants to sue lives in Iowa, and he doesn’t live in Iowa, that’s total diversity jurisdiction, so it’s the perfect venue. You won’t be able to mount any sort of defense from a thousand miles off, you’ll have to travel for every court date, and hire lawyers, and he’s disabled so he will automatically be allowed to pro se prosecute you via skype. You’re like totally doomed.

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  2. I’m kind of dick, I know, but I really hope he dies you for this.

    To prevail, Schmaleldt is going to have to somehow prove that opinions on his disability fraud have negatively impacted his ability to get a job.

    Literally everyone on the planet can see the problem with that. There’s a glaring logical hole there that only he can’t see.

    Alas, DUMBFUCK will make catastrophic procedural errors that will prevent the PLM on that point …. unless a counterclaim is filed.

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      • Just like the pathetic whingeing LUZER who is suing me, he claims I was a Human Trafficker, a “professional stalker”, a mentally ill person who hears voices, that my husband left me and (this is is the funniest, considering Thomas Mix of Vero Beach hasn’t held a job for 8 years) a welfare queen.

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      • Hes also repeatedly said i raped my daughters, two ofcwhich were appointed to west point, which was untrue and he knew it, because he was angry that i called him out. Twitter feeds suck for him

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  3. The real kicker is what will be the effect if he files a LOLsuit claiming libel for saying he is faking Parkinsons. and then the suit is dismissed with prejudice, like LOLsuit V (or was it VI)? In that suit, he claimed libel because someone said Bill raped someone. When that suit was dismissed with prejudice, it legally has the same effect as being decided on its merits, meaning it WASN’T libel to say he raped someone. So if he files a suit claiming it is libel to say he is faking Parkinsons, and the suit is dimissed with prejudice, it will mean it is NOT libel to say Bill is faking it. Is he willing to take that chance? His entire persona is based on his claim of Parkinsons/disability. if that is effectively shown to be false, his whole narrative comes crashing down. He is zero for eight on LOLsuits, with a percentage being dismissed with prejudice. The odds are heavily stacked against him if he tries, and he risks everything he claims to be when he loses. And he will lose.

    Bill Schmalfeldt should note that I have been able to back up everything I say about him online. He thought I was joking when I stated I reported him to the OPM (as Bill himself suggested someone do if they thought Bill was faking Parkinsons). He thought I wasn’t serious when I claimed to have gotten a restraining order against him – then the Sheriff’s Office showed up to serve him. I filed an answer and counter claim against him last time he sued me [BTW – he never answered or denied those claims]. I even got the Judge to reopen the case long enough to correct Bill’s motion that no answer was ever filed – too bad the judge wouldn’t also consider my motion to have Bill declared a vexatious litigant. So, he should note if he attempts to sue me for libel: I will be able to prove Bill’s own actions demonstrate that he does not have Parkinsons. But I won’t have to – the suit will be dismissed for jurisdiction, venue, or some other procedural issues long before any testimony is ever heard. He just better hope it is not dismissed with prejudice.

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  4. I gotta say, MJ, that’s the best “Come at me, bro” response I’ve seen. I am prepared for the massive amounts of LULz if Dumbfuck decides to go through with this.

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  5. Huh, hours later and the pussy hasn’t even acknowledged that you basically told him to go fuck himself. Cowardly cowards gotta cower.

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  6. This can’t be repeated enough…

    I’m gonna try this one more time.

    The surgeon, when trying to locate the correct spot for lead placement, is NOT listening for “misfiring neurons”. He is listening for the sound of the subthalamic nucleus, which is different than the surrounding tissue.

    Here’s what every source has to say on the matter:

    “Different areas in the brain have characteristic firing patterns, which means they sound differently when we listen to them.”

    Note that he says nothing about being able to distinguish between the sound of Parkinsonian “misfirng” neurons and the sound of healthy neurons.

    That’s because he can’t. Nobody can. Your STN sounds pretty much like mine. Which is unfortunate, because if Bill’s fabrication were true it would represent a definitive test to diagnose PD, other than autopsy.

    And that’s what makes this such a weak, easily debunked lie. You don’t even need to drill into the brain to record the different patterns for different locations. If we could distinguish normal from “misfiring” neurons a lot of troublesome diagnosis problems could be solved with a test like a fancy EEG.

    But the problems persist.

    Cause Bill is a liar.

    A clumsy liar.

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