Wait, another job?


Okay, folks, time to buy a space in the pool.


Let me get this straight:

The job in New Mexico didn’t work out.  Wonder why?

Rebranding didn’t work out.  Wonder why?

Relationship didn’t work out? Wonder why?


Everyone get out your Feldtcharts of Failure to calculate when he loses his next gig.  I think the pool is going to be pretty big this time!


Update: Since he shut down his twitter, I added a screen shot from my Tweetdeck to ensure those tweets don’t get lost.

And I have a few more questions:

How does this play out with your Stage IV Progressive Parkinson’s Disease?

Are you going to be allowed to lay down every ten minutes?

Do they know you write about satire and parody using poop and sex with men and boy scouts?

Anyone want to bet he’s being forced to move and will have to live his life in a very different way?

45 thoughts on “Wait, another job?

    • Where’s the fantasy? He is admitting he lost his job all by himself. He lost his apartment all by himself. And he lost his “woman” all by himself.

      The only fantasy which is more a delusion is someone bothering to slash his tires when the reality those beat down curbed tires gave up the ghost when he tried to parallel park.

      Oh, and that he’s an awesome writer. I forgot about that.

      Oh, and he wants to just move on, I forgot about that too.

      Hmmm… Never mind it is quite the fantasy he portrays, much like his fantasy Parkinson’s that precluded him from doing a “job” probably not unlike the one he was “hired” for now.

      Ps- Hey William! Thanks for admitting no one but you had anything to do with your loss of jobs or apartments. I’ll be sure to tweetsave this for your next LOLsuit.

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  1. Oh, and LOL at the valor stealing Parkinson’s faking shitbag William schmalfeldt still sticking to the story that his own curving of his tires was the work of vandals.

    Never change, shitbag, never change.

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  2. What a freaking professional victim…..NO ONE vandalized his car the LUZER had worn out the tires.
    My God he thinks that anyone would go to that much trouble over him? What a blowhard!

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    • What I can’t fathom about this dark little fantasy of his: Who would drive for hours with the intent to slash his tires and then only slash two? And only slash his tires? That’s some serious underachievement.

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      • Purely as a matter of hypothetical conjecture, if I were to bother to undertake interstate travel in order to put myself in immediate proximity of DUMBFUCK in order to stab something, it wouldn’t be the tires on his hoopty. I suspect I’d be trying to find a neck.

        But then think of the lulz we’d miss if he couldn’t repeatedly bounce the pillars of his life into curbs!

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  3. If he is genuinely concerned about a job he is seeking, why would he mention it? Why say anything about it………EVER? Just go to work, do your job, then go home, drink JWR. What’s the motivation to tweet to people you believe wish you harm, only to tell them this is his final tweet?

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    • Because he just can’t quit us. Haven’t you followed all his IMAX level projections about HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGE??

      His life is so shitty, so absolutely pathetic, the only attention anyone pays him is on these blogs. He can’t give that up because he doesn’t know how.

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      • I believe you are correct, these blogs are all he has to show for a life lived at the margins of society. Nothing positive, nothing of intrinsic value, no friendships, no grandchildren, no children. It’s difficult to apply logic and reason when evaluating Bill Schmalfeldt decisions. Especially his decision to announce another new job to those he believes wish him harm. It’s not like he is looking for “material” for his next lolsuit. Right?!?

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    • Because he is going to brag about this new “job” tomorrow. He can’t resist. Because if he doesn’t, and somehow we actually don’t find out where this fantasy is, then when he is fired as he inevitably will be, he can’t blame us.

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  4. I know! Let’s really hurt his feelings: let’s ignore the stupid goof. Don’t even give him the pleasure of responding about his failures. It’s what he says he wants. Want to bet he tweets enough to prove that’s a lie, too?

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    • If no one bothers to find out anything about his present circumstances, I’m sure he’ll spill enough information so that we all know where he is and what he is doing. Otherwise, how can he blame others when he fails?

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  5. First and foremost, my brother is as liar. Always has been.

    Second, if he isn’t lying about the job, he will expose his new city in less than two weeks. If you piled up all the times he has said he just wants to move on and live his life, the adjacent pile of the times he has failed to do so is just as huge. Same for the pile of times be blamed others for his own failures.

    Third, after he volunteers his city, my stupid brother will tell everyone his address. That might take another three weeks.

    Finally, he will re-insert himself — like he was never able to stop me from doing to him — into the Brett Kimberlin saga. He simply can’t help himself, the masochist.

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  6. The scumbag Valor Stealing, govt tit sucking coward is now going to manage a newspaper when he was “too sick” to sit at home and answer customer service calls for NIH? What kind of Parkinson’s does he have that forces him to quit a cushy gig, go on the govt tit for years, then suddenly get better so he can have a job again? Reverse Parkinson’s?

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  7. Oh, I get it. He’s an “investigative reporter” because he goes to extreme measures like using Google Street View and Been Verified (lol) and such. That’s high-toned sumbitchin’ detective-type work right there. So paying even the slightest attention to his obvious tells and “finding” a guy who can’t resist publicly documenting his every move is “stalking.”

    “…manage…” Heh. As if. That might be the job description, but it’s not a synonym for “run into the trash heap” so there’s no way he can actually do it. If it’s even real, it’ll just be another thing he was manifestly unqualified to even attempt, and utterly failed.

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  8. Founded in 1856, the Clinton Herald is the Gateway area’s source for local news and sports.


    The Clinton Herald will be the dependable source for local news; provide our readers a public forum to express their needs, interests and concerns; and engage in community activities that enhance the image and character of our newspaper and our communities.


    The Clinton Herald is a part of Community Newspaper Holdings Inc. (CNHI), one of the leading publishers of local news and information in the United States.

    Founded in 1997, CNHI’s newspapers, websites and niche publications serve more than 130 communities throughout the United States.

    CNHI publications strive to be leading providers of local news and information in their communities. CNHI values excellence, integrity, respect for employees and a customer focus in all of its operations.

    CNHI is a privately owned company based in Montgomery, Alabama.

    For more information visit http://www.cnhi.com.

    Wow, just imagine the look on an HR managers face if they find out one of their 130 community papers hired a child harasser, dead baby harasser, serial adjudicated harasser, and boutique child pornographer as a managing editor

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