It’s December 31st

tyrion drinking wine

And Trump is still the President.

If there is anything this year has taught me is that mental disorder has become a serious issue in this country. And it’s sad that people who suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome take focus away from real mental disorders that have a detrimental effect on our communities such as homelessness and veterans who need our help.

Jonathan Turley showed just how far Trump Derangement Syndrome has affected Democrats:

A party requires more than hatred for an individual. A party has to stand for something that transcends the immediate or the visceral. Yet, in the age of Trump, the public is not interested in nuance or niceties. The watchword is “resist” and that means to push back at all costs, even against our core values. So the question is not what the Democratic Party will do but what it will be after Donald Trump eventually leaves office.

Imagine having to live in such a way that you were once considered the “moral” party only to see you have to reverse literally all of your political positions simply to resist the guy in office.  For the liberals, imagine having to change every aspect of your life so as to preclude the possibility of even aligning to a single belief of the President you hate so much.  If anything, Trump has made sure Democrats live up to their insanity.

As I’ve said repeatedly, Democrats are not about a principle nor do they care for a single person.  Every person and issue is expendable in their greed for power.  You’ll see that in the upcoming debates. And it will be glorious.

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