You have to be kidding me.



Liberals hate America. More importantly, liberals are quite ignorant of America and it’s history.

Some tweets from the “educated liberal elite.”

Uh.. no.  It’s job is not to move society forward.

Who were the non-British citizens?

Abortion is healthcare again.

In a recent poll, fewer democrats were “extremely proud” of their country.  Taking the lead from Michelle Obama, the liberal crybabies of America have now decided if they don’t have their political views forced upon the electorate, then they hate America.

Is it any wonder the influence of the liberal elite in trashing the very institutions they claim to uphold when their guy is power would cause such heartache to their base?

When Obama was elected, it was hard for Republicans and was made worse when the electorate handed over complete control of the legislative branch for which Democrats swiftly forced their agenda on the American people.  Elections have consequences, admonished the first black president.  First act – the move towards socialized health care.

Polling showed America didn’t want the ACA. When it passed, the liberals, media and elite told Americans it was “for your own good.”  King George III liked to say such things. So did other despots and tyrannical monarchs.

In 2010, the Democrats lost the house.  In 2014, they lost the Senate.  In 2016, they lost the Presidency despite having the “most qualified woman candidate in American history, we’re going to see the glass ceiling shattered since the identity thing worked so well for Obama.”

When you ignore history, you risk repeating it.  You ignore the citizens, you will be on the wrong side of it.  Donald Trump is the result of the lack of the elitist class self-awareness. If there is any blame, it rests with liberals and their ignorance.


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