McCoy roll eyes Spock walks away

The impending pillow fight.

I’m sure most people know by now that David Hogg, the student turned activist after the Parkland shooting and infected with Stage VI Trump Derangement Syndrome, is forming a pillow making company in competition to “radical conspiracist” Mike Lindell and his MyPillow company. Hogg wants to build a virtuous company that produces woke products to help folks sleep in comfort while progressing liberal ideals.

Lindell was told about Hogg’s new venture and simply replied, “Good for them!”. I am not shocked at Lindell’s Christian response since he struggled greatly in life and has focused on improving himself while building a great business. (Full disclosure: I have purchased MyPillow products and my opinion is quite high.)

Hogg is also sharing his experiences as he learns what it takes to build a virtuous, social justice minded business. He’s learned a little history of manufacturing that seems to have opened his eyes.

Still, he has liberal economics folks to help him keep the narrative straight so that it doesn’t completely align to Trump.

And to take some swipes at people who had nothing to do with NAFTA for good measure.

Reading through his timeline, it demonstrates quite clearly our education system has failed. Many of those expressing tweets in support of his venture lack knowledge of history, business, or even general science. If Democrats weren’t so focused on hating Trump and thinking everyone on the right are nothing more than radical conspiracy mongers, they’d realize their followers are far worse.

With that being said, learning about real life is always a good thing. It’s even better when you can do so with an open mind and not let the lens of activism cloud the lessons. And yet..

All he is doing is setting himself up for when the business fails. He could claim that it wasn’t anything he did, it was the system and most likely a result of white supremacy. Being lazy helps.

If he can manage to create a product that helps people sleep while maintaining his activist stances, good for him. However, I foresee a far different outcome, one that is often repeated with the left: He won’t be good at this and those who are helping him will see it as well. It most likely will not end well with a huge dose of humiliation. Losing his TDS and liberal glasses could help him, but not sure he can do that since he already sold his soul to the left.

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