Stage V PD at the grocery store?

Seems weird.

Given his penchant for lying, he tweeted this:

He has Stage V Parkinson’s Disease (at least by now) and in a pandemic, he’s out grocery shopping? I checked in Macomb and they have a Walmart Supercenter that delivers. Considering his overall health issues, why would he take the risk?

Unless, he’s lying about his health. Or lying he went to the grocery store. Can’t imagine what would make me think he lies.

5 thoughts on “Stage V PD at the grocery store?

  1. Bill Schmalfeldt lies about everything. He lied about having PD, He lied about his friendship with Brett Kimberlin. He lied about marrying that woman. He lies even when the truth would serve him better – I think he has lied so much, he just can’t brig himself to telling the truth anymore.

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