Uh huh.

McCoy roll eyes Spock walks away

This will certainly work.

After the recent shooting in California, Jennifer Wexton (D-Va) introduced legislation that will force financial institutions to report on firearm purchases that might lead to mass shootings.

“Banks, credit card companies, and retailers have unique insight into the behavior and purchasing patterns that can help identify and prevent mass shootings. We know that financial intelligence can be an effective tool to combat gun violence in the same way it is for money laundering, human smuggling, and fentanyl trafficking,” Wexton said in a press release.

One of the questions that should always be asked before drafting legislation is: “How would this new idea prevent mass shootings?”  The answer is always the same: It wouldn’t.  Yet, they will tell you more government intrusion will reduce the number of shootings, despite having no evidence or facts – sorta like they tell us more taxes can make the planet’s climate less dangerous for future generations.

In reality, this is just a veiled attempt to make it more difficult for individuals to purchase guns.  Banks and credit card companies would be required to spend enormous amounts of money to implement software systems that track and analyze consumer patterns and determine if a transaction is “suspicious.”  The hope from the left is that in order to offset the costs, financial institutions might impose additional fees to consumers for firearm and ammunition purchases making transactions more expensive.

Sadly, supporters of gun rights will laud this legislation as “common sense” gun laws. In reality, it’s just more of the same – punishing law-abiding citizens because of bad people. Liberals don’t care about the bad people.  If they did, they’d quickly clean up the streets where people are living in squalor and pooping on the sidewalks in liberal cities. Instead, it’s about “government compassion”.  Funny how liberals are about compassion for people but they have a lot more homeless than say, you know, cities run by conservatives.

In fact, they care so much, they also want your guns.

5 thoughts on “Uh huh.

  1. I see some similarities between gun control and communications cryptography.

    A similar push-it-to-the-intermediaries is happening with cryptology: The Gov’t is very annoyed that crims are communicating in secret, so here (in Australia) they’ve rushed through some of the most abysmal legislation possible to force techs to “nerd harder” and provide backdoors. It’s an offense for these companies to reveal that the Govt has issued any such snooping order.

    The most absurd crypto was comment from Malcolm Turnbull, former PM, was that “The laws of mathematics [as relating to crypto] are commendable, but they don’t trump the laws of Australia!”.

    At the end of the day (cf: Hong Kong), if the government is too tyrannical, then the citizenry will revolt. However, as an Aussie, I find polarising such debates into Red vs. Blue to be counter-productive.

    In a place like this blog, which is defiantly and unashamedly on the “Conservative” end of the spectrum (from its title forwards!), the polarisation is inevitable.

    The model in Australia, where licenses are issued, people with reasonable needs and demonstrated training and stability to act responsibility are given licenses, with ranges of licenses mapping to ranges of intended usages. This has worked well — mass shootings (apart from Bikie-related matters, which in turn stem from conflict over black-market operations such as drugs and prostituion), are very rare here.

    If you conservatives had the Second Amendment more at heart, I reckon you’d spend less time railing at “Liberals”, and more time organising Hong Kong-style resistance against government and/or corporation practices that infringe on the individual’s ability to survive and thrive. But, tellingly, you don’t.


    • I believe your implication that Australia’s model of the government granting people the privilege, based on “need”, of gun ownership and usage is appropriate and would somehow work in the US indicates that you have no real understanding of the American “conservative” or the Second Amendment. Our country was born by the use of the gun, grew by use of the gun, and, in part, maintains our position in the world by use of the gun – it is inherent to our psyche, despite what a bunch of elite Liberals would have you believe.

      God created men, Sam Colt made them all equal.

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    • As for HK style demonstrations to protect the 2nd…we ain’t gotta. Ultimately, if the left hand of gov’t pushes too hard, we’ll push back a hell of a lot harder than HK can. Corporations get punished in different ways, and “get woke, go broke” is a real thing.

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