What not to do at a job interview.

Dumpster Fire


Let’s say that you were working for an organization and was doing pretty well.  You are a superstar!  One day, a new boss comes in and things go downhill. In fact, you no longer are the big guy in the group.  You’re relegated to a chair that runs along the back wall in the big meetings.  You’re not even asked to present or speak.

A year later, you’ve decided to become an activist and bring attention to a cause by facing the back of the room during client meetings while publicly expressing displeasure about how insensitive everyone is to your activism.

Your contract comes up for renewal and after some deliberation, you decide to transfer  to another group within the organization.  However, your reputation had become public fodder and not a single rep from the other groups want to have anything to do with you.  “Don’t call us, we’ll call you.” – click.

Frustrated, you file a grievance claiming that the parent organization denies you a fair opportunity to be hired simply because you are passionate about your views.  A couple years later, you reach a settlement where you have an opportunity to rejoin.  In the meantime, you keep working your skills in private while another company uses you for some commercial videos that have little appeal, but the money is great.

One day, the parent organization you used to work for offers you an opportunity to interview with all the groups for a chance to rejoin.  They’ve set up a special location and handled all the logistics so you can wow everyone in attendance.

It comes with one stipulation: You can’t share your activism nor be public about it. This flies in the face of your original demand to be allowed to share you activism and even bring the media in to watch.

You decide to talk with some other members and do the interview in another location where only a few show up to watch you.  The parent organization expresses dismay that you’re not serious about attending their event.

While talking from the new location, you chastise the parent organization to “stop running from you.”

I present to you, Colin Kaepernick –  fraudster.


Kaep’s racist activism.

People bent over backwards for him.

The fact that the NFL even went this far for him only to be played shows why Goodell needs to be removed.  While it doesn’t help Kaepernick in any way, this makes the NFL look even worse.


3 thoughts on “What not to do at a job interview.

  1. Fact #1 – Colin Kaepernick quit the NFL. He had an option with the 49ers and he chose free agency.

    Fact #2 – Colin Kaepernick is a bad quarterback. Before he ever decided to become the QB of Wokeness, he was benched in favor of Blaine Frigging Gabbert.

    Fact #3 – Colin Kaepernick’s meager skills do not justify the traveling circus he is intent on bringing with him.

    Fact #4 – Eric Reid knelt with Kaepernick. Eric Reid pissed and moaned about the league being mean to woke people. Eric Reid has been playing in the NFL throughout this situation. Eric Reid has been hired by a different NFL team. Eric Reid, unlike Colin Kaepernick, is a baller.

    Fact #5 – Colin Kaepernick will not and should not ever play another down in the NFL. There are two reasons for this: He sucks and he’s a pain in the ass.

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