David Hogg is going to Harvard.


Who cares about white privilege?

There are probably far more deserving students who compete for limited space in the institution to see someone of Hogg’s character get accepted.  He missed a number of classes in his final year to focus on activism.  His SAT scores were even lower than the lowest 25% for admissions at the prestigious Ivy League school.

The argument the left is making is that Harvard evaluated more than just his academics – his activism played a huge role.  While other lesser named schools rejected his application, Harvard accepted him and he’s off to a school that is currently embroiled in a legal battle of racial discrimination.  Him being a white student of some privilege is not helping Harvard’s image.

But then again, Harvard has become mired in the politics of liberal activism.  Hogg didn’t earn his spot; it was given precisely because it’s a PR move designed to make the left feel better about themselves.

What could possibly go wrong?



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