Bill Schmalfeldt – KPQX FM 92.5 Morning Show.



His twitter feed:

And his backup twitter feed:

I just have a question:  What happened to the Parkinson’s Disease that was the basis for retiring from the government?

You can read his bio here.  I would say there is a lot missing that the station is probably not aware of.

Good luck at your new station, Bill!  It’s a long and expensive train ride back to South Carolina.  I hear it takes 5 showers to remove 3 days of train scum.


18 thoughts on “Bill Schmalfeldt – KPQX FM 92.5 Morning Show.

  1. This explains why Bill and his charming and ever-forgiving fiancé, Diane, have made the jump from sunny and swampy Myrtle Beach, SC, to the brisk and hearty climes of Havre.

    Who ever wrote this must not know them yet.

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  2. Does his HR department know he is sucking the taxpayer tit because he is “too sick” with PD to talk into a microphone? Do they know the liability they face for letting him drive the company car?

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    • I’m sure he presented them with a valid driver’s license.

      I’m also certain he didn’t inform them he gave up driving in his past because of the advanced stage of his Parkinson’s. It’s entirely possible those details “slipped his mind” when he asked to drive the car. Those nice people, who are probably very trusting of others, may think twice after him and that’s the real problem he presents.

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  3. It will be interesting to depose Brett Kimberlin in the unlawful termination LOLSUIT Bill is sure to file in February:

    “Did you ever give the plaintiff a ride to court and back?”

    “What was the reason the plaintiff gave for needing a ride to court?”

    “Did the plaintiff ever tell you why he stopped driving in 2010?”

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      • They were supposed to have been married in Connecticut. I remember that because he said Krendler could appear if he shared his address.

        Connecticut law says that if they were to marry there, they would both need to appear in person to get the license and that they would need to hold the ceremony in the same county where it was issued.

        During this time, Schmalfeldt’s Parkinson’s Disease was no longer in remission and their only mode of transportation to Connecticut was by bus and train, something that would look bad since he clamored about the pain it would cause him to travel to Maryland as a defendant.

        Whatever is holding them up is most likely legal – his or her status may be questionable. Of course, they both COULD be married right now and they just haven’t announced it, but I would bet there is something in either or both’s past that still needs to be resolved.

        It doesn’t take much to be married if they were truly trying to tie the knot. Odd that it hasn’t happened considering how much he said she was the love his life.. well at first anyway.

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