So I guess I’m supposed to panic or something…


I should be quaking in my boots because of what is happening in Washington?

Secretary of Defense James “Mad Dog” Mattis has stepped down after President Trump announced plans to withdraw US forces from Syria. Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi – who represents San Francisco and all it’s homeless, used needles, and feces infested areas – tells us that our country is less safe.  Pundits from the left are screaming that Mattis, who they all said was not a good pick for Trump because Obama fired him, are following suit and turning the panic knob to 11.

At the same time, portions of the Federal Government that have yet to be funded are being shut down because Trump called out Republican leaders who promised funding in this years budget, but left it out yet again.  Schumer and Pelosi are adamant that no wall will be built despite a majority of Americans wanting improved border security.  A wall is a low cost solution that will better maximize enforcement spending.

Schumer and Pelosi believe that it’s better to just round them up when they come across, knowing that more and more illegals are surrendering to agents and asking for asylum exploiting a loophole in the law.  In other words, this is what their base wants.

All politicians remarkably call for fixing the immigration problem, but for whatever reason never seem to do it.  In reality, none intend to do it because immigration is a perpetual election issue designed to inflame voter passions.  Don’t believe me?  Since Reagan, every elected representative, senator, and president has promised to address illegal immigration.  None ever do because it means votes in elections which is what all elected officials need to keep their jobs.

A partial government shutdown, since many agencies in the government have already been funded like Social Security, Medicare, Military, and Agriculture department, will most likely affect very few people. Our lives won’t change that much.  For some government employees, the shutdown means furloughs.  Here are a few examples of what you might miss while waiting for Trump to crack Schumer’s nut:

EPA employees who monitor greenhouse gas emissions. EPA scientists who spend time changing the math to make the past look cooler so that modern temperatures run hotter in the computers.

NASA employees who work with Muslim outreach.

Many deep state employees who are working in secret to subvert the agenda of President Trump.  The Mueller investigation continues but who will type the report?

Tax auditors and the IRS will not be harassing conservatives.

Some parks and national monuments will, but Trump has said he won’t install fencing around Washington DC monuments.

I’m not sure what I should be afraid of if the Democrats take over a government that is partially lobotomized.  With more Republican control in the Senate, Nancy is going to have a tough time getting things done.  Her first objective is to open the government once the new legislators are seated.  I guess she’ll have to pass it first to see what’s in it.

In short, I’m not sure why I should be scared or shaking.  There are other potential defense secretaries the liberals will complain about that have the same mentality as Mattis.  A government shutdown is just political but if the Congress is serious about averting a shutdown, they should probably just not make as many ridiculous promises to voters and actually fix the things they campaigned on.

I would think having have a smaller, less intrusive government that focuses on its core responsibilities than creating problems to solve is a good thing.


5 thoughts on “So I guess I’m supposed to panic or something…

  1. Two things:

    First, I’ve been voting for the anti-imperial candidate since 2004. Stepson could be put in harms way, and son is just about draft/enlistment age. Encouraging men to find the Axis is one thing. Fighting the Axis of this Week’s Evil is something else.

    Second, I’m off most of next week. I almost wish I wasn’t. I work in a position that isn’t shut down. Most of our federal customer is. Fortunately, two of our three government personnel who are working are the kind of smart, dedicated people you want in government. The third… his heart is in the right place.

    What I’m saying, is that I COULD be at work, and we would do some good work. Instead, I’ll trust my team to take care of a real government function, only calling if they have to.

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  2. The closest we’ve come to a government shutdown was when Igor the sommelier from the parliament dining room once phoned in sick. Chaos! I still smoulder at being served a 1987 LaTour instead of the 1989 I distinctly requested.

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  3. I’m just a bit surprised that Mattis turned out to be a committed interventionist. I have an awful lot of respect for the man, but a little less than I used to.

    I’m not a fan of abandoning the Kurds, though, so I’ve got decidedly mixed feelings on the whole thing.

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