Liberals believe in peace..


.. except when they don’t.

The latest salvo of Liberal disdain towards those who reject (D-CA) Rep. Maxine Waters call to the public to harass Trump administration officials and former members of his campaign is directed towards a book store frequented by former advisor to President Trump, Steve Bannon.

At some point businesses will become fed up with people like Waters and Reines and allow customers to openly harass them and their ilk for encouraging this behavior.  Certain cliches may be apropos in these circumstances.

The cooler heads on both sides have called for civility.  People have a right to a political opinion just as a business has the right to protect its customers from being molested by big-mouthed political hacks.

Steve Bannon is a customer of the store and did nothing to the woman who attacked him. Sarah Sanders and her family showed up at a restaurant for dinner only to see the business owner assert a “liberal moral dictum” because Sanders serves the President whom the proprietor opposes politically. DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen couldn’t even enjoy a night out.  Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell endured protesters wanting to abolish ICE during some private time with his family.

Maxine Waters called for open harassment and when she received backlash, claimed it wasn’t her fault.  Afterwards she asserted Trump supporters were harassing her and sending her death threats, although no one has shown that actually happened other than her own self-serving statements.

Funny,  I don’t see conservatives and Trump supporters appearing at restaurants or the homes of political opponents with large banners and megaphones interrupting the lives of the occupants.  Call me crazy, but if the left believes in peace, they are really angry about it.




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