He continues to step on his crank.


And hurting his upcoming LOL suit.

What did you expect?  Here is the safe location.

From his .. um.. statement…

See the probes in my head there? Those are the final stimulator leads. Before those were implanted, the surgeon inserted “listening probes” that pick up the sounds of neurons firing. That’s how they know where to insert the final probes, by zeroing in on the two subthalamic nuclei in the brain where the movement neurons are misfiring. DAMN, the hours of patient practicing, forcing those neurons to MISFIRE just so FOUR YEARS LATER I could convince the government to give me a disability retirement so I could trim my take-home pay by almost 2/3 just because I was too lazy to be bothered to go to work every day.

THERE’S THE LOGIC anyone who cares to insist that I am faking this will have to stand by. I worked like a BEAST to condition my brain to learn how to misfire ON DEMAND, so I could undergo this dangerous surgery just so that four years after the fact I could cut my salary from a GS-13 rate to a disability retirement rate of approximately 1/3 of what I had been receiving. That’s some REAL HARD WORK for someone who just wants to nurse at the government teat, wouldn’t you say?


In his application, the reviewing medical person said he agreed with Schmalfeldt’s position that his condition, which had confined him to home care, would only get worse.  Schmalfeldt made statements in 2014 and 2015 he believed he wouldn’t live much longer, and that his legal disputes with John Hoge could end his life early.  He claimed in other statements that his late wife was his caregiver because he could barely function.

Fast forward to 2016. While living in Wisconsin, he buys a car.  And drives it across the country.  Twice.

My favorite Zombie chick nails it here.

Anyone else see the problem here?


24 thoughts on “He continues to step on his crank.

  1. gee….when was the last time Mr Overshare even saw a doctor, let alone a neurologist???

    at some point the hole he keeps digging will collapse on top of his dick dented cranium…

    but until then, MOAR POPCORN!!!

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  2. I’m pretty sure if he goes this route he’ll have to provide expert testimony. Which he’ll have to pay for. I’m also pretty sure the court won’t just take his word for it. At the point that becomes apparent (it won’t really — he’ll screw it up again before it gets that far) he’ll hike his skirts and flee again. It’s so predictable.
    And then there’s that business of providing the court with a valid address. Does anyone see him doing that? It would mean he could be served there.
    What a waste of oxygen.

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  3. I’m gonna try this one more time.

    The surgeon, when trying to locate the correct spot for lead placement, is NOT listening for “misfiring neurons”. He is listening for the sound of the subthalamic nucleus, which is different than the surrounding tissue.

    Here’s what every source has to say on the matter:

    “Different areas in the brain have characteristic firing patterns, which means they sound differently when we listen to them.”


    Note that he says nothing about being able to distinguish between the sound of Parkinsonian “misfirng” neurons and the sound of healthy neurons.

    That’s because he can’t. Nobody can. Your STN sounds pretty much like mine. Which is unfortunate, because if Bill’s fabrication were true it would represent a definitive test to diagnose PD, other than autopsy.

    And that’s what makes this such a weak, easily debunked lie. You don’t even need to drill into the brain to record the different patterns for different locations. If we could distinguish normal from “misfiring” neurons a lot of troublesome diagnosis problems could be solved with a test like a fancy EEG.

    But the problems persist.

    Cause Bill is a liar.

    A clumsy liar.

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  4. It’s been slmost five years since I first encountered Bill. At first I gave him the benefit of the doubt and accepted that he had PD — -a very mild atypical case, despite the fact that he had none of the really nasty symptoms.

    The thing about atypical cases is usually the order in which the symptoms show up. The fact that a particular case involves primarily gait disturbance doesn’t mean they’re spared the others. They are just late to the party. If a person does actually have PD, and they live long enough, they can expect the complete package.

    So I must confess that as I sat one day exchanging tweets with Bill, I had uncharitable thoughts. As he was actually bragging about how advanced and serious HIS PD was (and as usual, tearing through ten tweets rapid fired for each one I plodded through) I recall thinking “You pathetic pussy! You have no tremor, rigidity, bradykinesia, dyskinesia etc. yet you claim your PD is bad. STAGE IV?!? Just wait until your atypical case fills in the blanks, you get the full set of symptoms and you learn what Parkinson’s is really all about. THEN we’ll talk!” I figured a few years should get it started, if he really had PD.

    It’s been five years.

    Five years in which I’ve gotten progressively worse.

    Five years of watching his already mild symptoms disappear entirely(except for when he needed them, weaponized, for pity or to claim some privilege.)

    I watched as he got a car and drove cross country. I watched as he got and lost jobs. And so on.

    Benefit of doubt: expired.

    (Bill – pay attention here…)


    I don’t care what he was diagnosed with years ago. Today, there is no way a doctor would say he has PD.

    This is my honest and decently informed opinion and I stand by it.

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  5. So Bill is ramping up his threats again, eh? He hints at hurting the blog owner’s business – does Bill remember when he threatened to destroy my wife’s business, and I reported him directly to the Secretary of State for the state of MA for it? Does Bill remember when he sent my wife’s business a foul email with a near-death photo of his dying wife? I had my wife print it out, and I included it in public court filings. Does Bill remember that when he sued me (along with lots of others) that I filed counterclaims, which he has never answered or even denied? Does Bill remember that he contacted my local Chief of Police, trying to claim that comments made ABOUT Bill were harassment, and the Chief told Bill to go pound sand? (The Chief told me that too, when I tried to explain that Bill and his “friends” are not nice people, and that people who stand up to them have things like swatting happen to them. That Chief doesn’t have his job anymore – I categorically deny having anything to do with that.)

    I would like to tell Bill that his attempts to make good on his silly threats have only worked against him, and that he should stop now before he does something else stupid. But 1) I don’t ever talk to Bill, 2) he wouldn’t listen anyways, and 3) it will just be more entertainment for us to watch him screw himself over once again.

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  6. But calling women you don’t agree with politically “cunts,” “whores,” and “twats” is so woke?

    Fuck off, shitroller. Your faux concern is noted for what it is… a joke.

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