Of course they don’t want your guns!


As long as you’re still alive.

Sheriff running for re-election in North Carolina has some gun control ideas.

This guy agrees.

Can I get a “Hell yeah!”?

OK then.


I have a feeling the results may not work in their favor.

12 thoughts on “Of course they don’t want your guns!

  1. I invite ANY left-wing douche canoe to try and take my guns in such an un-American manner…

    It will not end in a good way… for you.

    And that goes quadruple for you, Fatfuck.

    Bring it.

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  2. I suppose I shouldn’t be, but I’m always shocked at the ignorance leftists display when it come to our rights as expressed in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights!

    The #VeroBeachCrybully is just another leftist who doesn’t understand the Constitution…not that I’m surprised…it is unconstitutional to pass a law to confiscate guns; it goes against the 2nd amendment in the Bill of Rights!

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