Self Awareness fail #1,374,983


He’s at it again.

It was my turn today to monitor the shadow-banned account according the schedule in the break room.

This afternoon, he posted this:

He actually went to Hogewash! and looked, despite wanting to move on with his life.

Later, this came across his feed.

Seriously. He recorded a song about his nemesis and it is in his playlist.

I’ve concluded that John Hoge has a mansion in Schmalfeldt’s pointy head, complete with tennis court, five car garage, guest house, a huge swimming pool with a number of Sonoran Conservative Rule 5 babes lounging around it, and a 40,000 square foot laboratory full of active science experiments.

And there is still room in there for a National Park. All free.


9 thoughts on “Self Awareness fail #1,374,983

  1. I was there once myself. Not the world’s most salubrious digs I must say. Could use a woman’s touch, not that that’s ever likely.

    Speaking of which, there were no Rule 5 fillasses up there. Just whimpering cub scouts and moaning sweaty twins.

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  2. It still cracks me up that given his bloated nature William “Parkinson’s faking valor stealing” Schmalfeldt tries to be cute emphasising the “hog” in hogewash. IMAX projection or too retarded to recognise the vowel in the original word doesn’t work?

    I know, embrace the power.

    PS- someone cover my shift? I put a sign up sheet on the break room fridge.

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  3. Since the Parkinson’s faking shitbag has decided today’s theme is parody, here’s a quick ditty.

    In Real Life
    A parody of “On Broadway” by George Benson, Kevin Clash

    He says he’s on the radio
    In Real Life
    He says he’s always magic on the air
    But while he thinks he’s put on the ritz,
    With rolling turds and cub scout skits,
    Everyone else looks away in horror.

    He says he’ll roll the bomb on down
    In real life
    Preparing papers for the next LOLsuit
    And yet again he will come up short,
    For butthurt never will be a tort,
    And after eight tries he can’t figure that out.

    He says he wants to move forward
    In real life
    He claims to want to leave this all behind him.
    And yet he tries to dox daily
    Following each and every lead
    Too bad he’ll never find you and me
    In real life
    (Faking parkinsons to get sympathy)
    In real life
    (Choosing the internet over your dying wife)
    In real life

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