Bad couple of weeks for the media


Journalism has taken a backseat to “just get something out there!” I’m sure the number of nominees for a Murrow award are thinning out by the day.

Last week, ABC’s Jim Ross was suspended for his statements that Candidate Trump had directed Lt. General Flynn to contact the Russians after Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI.

Earlier this week, Reuters learned that bank accounts for Trump with Deutsche Bank had been subpoenaed by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller.  The White House and Deutsche Bank later confirmed this didn’t happen.

CNN exclusively reported that “sources” told them that Wikileaks had emailed Donald Trump Jr offering access to emails that were hacked before they were made public.  The “sources” stated it was on September 4th. In reality, the email was on September 14th and apparently, this email was already publicly available and was one day AFTER Wikileaks had released their payload.

Washington Post reporter Dave Weigel tweeted that Trump’s speech in Florida on Friday had been to a hall that has less than half filled.  In reality, it was a photo prior to the event and he was subsequently called out by a reporter for British publication, the Daily Mail.

The results are as follows:

Jim Ross was suspended without pay for the entire month of December, or as we like to call it, “Extended time at home for the holidays.”  ABC apologized for the staff’s inability to catch the error, as if anyone in ABC’s anti-Trump/anti-Republican news staff was going to tell long time veteran Ross he was wrong.

Reuters quietly removed the false article from its website and slinked back to its hole.

CNN issued a correction.  President Trump said in his speech on Friday that CNN had issued an apology. CNN responded they didn’t issue an apology and instead said their sources were “mistaken”. I guess there was no reason to apologize for their poor vetting of Democrat sources.

Trump called for firings at both CNN and the Washington Post, but Dave Weigel is still employed. He did apologize to the President and has been accepting rebuke for his now deleted bad tweet.

The irony is that media outlets have all made statements that Trump’s proclamation that declaring media outlets as “fake news” is not only bad for business, it’s an affront to the principles of Democracy.

Then they do stupid things like this, showing their utter contempt for Trump and the GOP in general. It’s no wonder that Franken didn’t exactly resign. Taking responsibility for your product is not necessary, but the public believing in #FakeNews is wrong.


5 thoughts on “Bad couple of weeks for the media

  1. All, that is to say ALL, they have to do, is be the grownup in the room, when the only other person in the room is Donald Freakin’ Trump.

    This should be like a pro-se lawyer outlawering Plaintiff Bill Freakin’ Schmalfeldt. (Side note, I not only correctly spelled “Schmalfeldt” but I can also spell “Plaintiff.”)

    But no, all they have to do to regain credibility is to report true news, and still we get Koi-Pond Gate!!! [The definition of fake news.] OMG, our relations with Japan are in danger, in South Korea next? No wonder North Korea is getting antsy. We totally deserve it. Oh, we doctored the video and lied, ooopsie? Who you gonna turn to? (Cue James Earl Jones) THIS is CNN. (Cue Darth Vader breathing heavy…) Not that Fox is any better, just a difference in sign not magnitude…

    As opposed to an honest report, which might conclude that the North Korean people do indeed deserve…food…

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