Didn’t think this out too well..

I so enjoy the mouth pieces from the left making assertions and rules without first thinking about how this might backfire.

Brett Kimberlin apologist Matt Osborne actually tweeted this:

Cool! I guess this means Osborne will now start referring to Kimberlin as “convicted perjurer, terrorist bomber, and adjudicated pedophile Brett Kimberlin.”



3 thoughts on “Didn’t think this out too well..

    • Annnnnd… lying, hypocritical asshats of the highest order.

      MATT “the Child Porn that sent a #TeamKimberlin member to Federal Prison wasn’t that bad because I saw it and deemed it so” OSBORNE is nothing but a chickenshit, impotent, sick, sick joke.

      #Google #MattOsborne #ChildPorn #BreitbartUnmasked #Google #BrettKimberlin #Google #SpeedwayBomber #Google #BillSchmalfeldt #DerangedCyberstalker #Google #WilliamAFerguson #Anklebiter #14YearOldGirls

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