It’s really egregious this time!


I suppose it’s better late than never.

Serious error?  He intentionally made a statement that he knew or should have known was factually wrong.  In other words, by Robert Mueller’s own legal interpretation: A lie.

We’ll see what happens in four weeks with the subsequent apology tour, how he’s learned his lesson, and that he seeks forgiveness for hurting the media’s far left leaning narratives.


9 thoughts on “It’s really egregious this time!

  1. He said Trump, the *candidate*, had instructed Flynn to contact the Russians.

    In fact, it was Trump, the *President-Elect*, who had told Flynn to contact the Russians.

    President-elects routinely have their staffs contact important foreign representatives, as part of their transition activities, whereas candidates are not to do such activities.

    Ross told an out-and-out lie, knew better, and got caught. My money is on him not returning, after the four weeks. They’ll pay him to just quietly vanish into retirement.

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  2. And, caused the DOW to plummet.

    ABC Editorial Standards? That bastard #BrianRoss needs to be drawn and quartered in the town square for the tangible losses he caused courtesy of the lies he was knowingly and willfully peddling.

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