Dumbass Tweet O’ Day


The Second Amendment, unfortunately, is in the news once again.

Senator Niceley, helped her out..

Apparently, we’re only allowed to own a musket, or something..


5 thoughts on “Dumbass Tweet O’ Day

  1. Quick, someone tell Namaste that the 1st amendment only applys to manually operated printing presses. Why are people, on both sides, so unwilling to educate themselves before they make a public fool out of themselves?

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    • It’s funny how liberals are all about expanding education spending to improve our schools, and at the same time forcing schools to teach about social mores that the left pushes as part of their indoctrination. That also includes reinventing history to their liking.

      No wonder the US continues to fall behind other counterparts in the world. I’ve run into people from Europe who know more about our constitution than US liberals.

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  2. These liberal gun-grabbers forget one thing: Those Brown Bess muskets and the various rifled muskets of that day WERE the equivalent of not of an AR-15 but an M-16 / M-4. They were the actual military-grade small arms of the day. Soooooo….

    And yes! Private citizens could and did own cannons!

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