Did you forget what happened?


Bill Schmalfeldt had a minor feltdown followed by threats after he purposely, and not by accident, visited the blog of someone he is suing (again) and has decided that the host and his commenters are going to face dire consequences for not buying his narrative.

It seems as though he is having some serious difficulties in remembering events.  The gorgeous Morgana, The Dread Pirate Zombie, aka Sarah Palmer, wrote about his  “Convenient Dementia” yesterday which probably left several burn marks.

John Hoge shared a previous post as his TKPOD segment telling of how Schmalfeldt made a cash offer for information on Paul Krendler, but reneged when the terms were met by someone he didn’t like.

On his daily routine of looking for butthurt, here is his response.  Stretch your lulz muscles a bit first..

Notice what he is sharing: It’s a Personnel Action that anyone who has been in civil service knows is just the paperwork used to change the status of an employee, such a job change, pay raise, bonus, etc.  The point he was trying to make is that he was giving up an $98K a year job for his disability.

(Note: The actual salary is $78K.  He gets to the higher number because he lives in a more expensive area and gets a $20K locality adjustment. Ask me how I know this.)

Schmalfeldt has always stated the reason for his disability is related to these documents which he posted on Twitter:

Here is the damning.. I mean, relevant part of this document:

In June of 2009, Schmalfeldt was allowed to work from home to accommodate his disability. As time went on, his ability to do his job in the more favorable home environment declined significantly that he could no longer do his job and filed for Disability Retirement, which was granted in March of 2011.

Dr. Bailin never examined Schmalfeldt, only reviewed the documentation provided by Schmalfeldt and concluded that he had sufficient evidence to support the change of his status. Schmalfeldt had already told the world he gave up driving because he could not trust himself due to the progression of his disease.  In short, he was on a short trip to the grave.

In 2015, after the death of his wife and realizing that he was not going to get the justice he sought, he moved to Wisconsin and things improved, so much so that he got a CAR in late 2016! In April of 2017, he drove it to South Carolina and the poor car gave out. Interesting it died before he did.

Now remember, in 2011, he couldn’t hold down a job because his condition had worsened to the point where he could no longer drive and barely take care of himself, even at his home.

In March of 2017, he set up a GoFundme account to raise money (read have people give him $15,000) to travel around the country and document America.  He estimated he would drive around 14,000 miles in 35 days, which is roughly 400 miles a day.

For a guy who can barely handle a job where he was allowed to work from home in 2011, how does he manage to think he can do this trip where he has to travel 400 miles a day, eat, document, edit, and then go to the next city in about five weeks?  Obviously, he represented quite clearly that he was physically able to do this trip.

Between March and May of 2017, Schmalfeldt had travelled at least twice from Clinton, Iowa to Myrtle Beach, SC, which is about 1,000 miles one way.  His physical condition in 2011 would have prevented such a trip, but he did it anyway.

Fast forward to July.  Schmalfeldt needs to travel 500 miles to Westminster, Maryland, to answer a Show Cause order and balks, claiming his Parkinson’s Disease make it painful for him to travel. In fact, he made such a big deal about it that he was going to sue the court for violating the ADA if the Judge ordered punitive action against him.

Anyone else see the problem here?  From late 2016 through May of 2017, Schmalfeldt was DRIVING a car and going cross country.  When it came time for the Schmalfeldt to show his cowardice, he didn’t disappoint and ran straight into the arms of Parkinson’s Disease.

However, what would have happened if the GoFundMe raised the $15,000 he sought?  Realistically, it would have taken a few months to raise all the funds which puts the start of his trip mid to late summer, around July/August.



So if he has a court date to travel 500 miles and complains that he can’t go due to Parkinson’s, and yet has an active campaign to raise funds for a trip that involves traveling 400 miles a day, does that constitute fraud?


Now, things have changed.  Schmalfeldt isn’t claiming disability from Parkinson’s, he’s saying he’s had a different disability all along and provides this as proof:

Notice, he doesn’t provide any evidence to support it, which is his general practice when he doesn’t want scrutiny. Instead, he amps up the victim drama and declares that everyone must stop commenting on a blog he doesn’t have to visit or.. ELSE!

If he’s receiving disability payments for a blown out knee while he was in the service, then it’s obviously not fraud if a medical board made that determination.

He claims that he knows the name of the person who called in a report to have his benefits stopped, and yet, he says this:

Doesn’t sound like a factual statement, but rather a narrative for which he has provided no evidentiary support, like his claim that landlords have denied his application for tenancy based on what they saw on the internet.

However, this statement in the earlier tweet mentioned does deserve scrutiny:

“.. just so I could get less than 1/3 of that.”

This does speak to fraud IF he is receiving disability for Parkinson’s Disease, especially if he has represented the progressive nature of it and has no medical explanation for its regression and sudden return, with all the proof provided by.. Schmalfeldt.


Or maybe this was correct:

Hell of an actor?  No, I would say “Bad liar.”

Update: Had to rewrite one paragraph because it didn’t make sense regarding his GoFundMe campaign.

25 thoughts on “Did you forget what happened?

  1. We learned this from YOU, ya DUMBFUCK. All of it came straight from that enormous gob you couldn’t shut if your miserable life depended on it. You really have just one problem in your life and it’s that fat stupid asshole that confronts you in your mirror.

    There’s a CURE for that.

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    • Btw, if one is in the control group they won’t negate their own study by telling the control subject that they don’t have Parkinson’s. That would be a Dumbfuck move.

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  2. I hesitate to get started calling him out on all of his bullshit, but there is One obvious lie I want to point out.

    The crackling sound heard during deep brain surgery (my surgeon called it the “popcorn sound”) is used to locate the subthalamic nucleus. Everyones STN sounds like that. It is not “misfiring neurons”. If there was such a difference between a Parkinsonian brain and a normal brain it would be the diagnostic tool (albeit a rather drastic one) that they have been searching for for 70 years.

    Bill’s explanation is utter tripe.

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    • He just wants people to shut up and take what he says is the truth, otherwise he can’t gain any leverage with his disability.

      In a podcast earlier this summer, he made a statement to the effect that it didn’t matter what happened to him over the summer; what matters is his condition now. His PD has caused him to have lay down every 10 minutes of sitting in a chair. He has very limited mobility. He can barely function (again.)

      No one was talking about his condition over the summer as the starting point. We were talking about the claims he’s made back in 2011, and he was eager to share the doctor’s report for his retirement application as proof he had the disease, although the doctor never confirmed the diagnosis.

      Besides, the doctor never performed an examination. He essentially reiterated statements made in the documentation provided by Schmalfeldt that the progression continued and it was very unlikely Schmalfeldt would ever recover to do his job. The report is much more a high level summary supporting Schmalfeldt’s claim that he was physically incapable of doing his job.

      And in sharing the Deep Brain Diary screenshots, we know at least one doctor said Schmalfeldt didn’t have PD. The response the surgical doctor made to that comment didn’t confirm a PD diagnosis either, only that they would share the study results. No evidence has been presented to show that the first doctor was incorrect in his diagnosis and subsequent documentation on what role Schmalfeldt played in the study.

      As late as 2015, he was all but an invalid, his health declining rapidly. He even said as far back as 2014 he didn’t expect to live more than a few months. And yet….

      In 2017, he was working at radio station in Clinton, Iowa, and surely, running that equipment required the kind of dexterity and motor control Parkinson’s had taken away from him that he had to quit his government job. In fact, part of his job at NIH was to produce promotional video, most certainly using similar production equipment.

      After the unexplained loss of the radio job, he set up the GoFundMe to travel 14,000 miles in 5 weeks. Three months later, after traveling by car to South Carolina, he’s threatening to sue a judge if he’s forced to travel 500 miles to attend a show cause hearing for a case he thought would be dismissed, all because of Parkinson’s.

      And he wants to sue people with all this out there he freely shared on the internet? Does he also not realize that if he ever files a suit and wants to push the claim of libel for his Parkinson’s, all of his medical records, the DBS studies, papers, and other material, including doctors from his time in Wisconsin, Iowa, Maryland and South Carolina would be requested via discovery? Wonder what we would find in them, assuming he would be a good boy and produce them so those being sued wouldn’t have to go to the clinics and get records….

      He’s put himself into a quagmire of his own making. Any threats he makes will backfire completely. He’d be better off just walking away from the internet.

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  3. bill’s duties at the NIH was to write press releases, produce/voice radio spots, do “dog and pony shows” and occasionally act as a spokesman. He claimed he was physically unable to do these duties.

    bill at the present time is the editor and writer for the BU blog in which he has several stories a week. He produces, records, and is the voice of a daily pod-cast. Posts numerous tweet a day.

    Sounds like he could still do his job at the NIH to me.

    So yeah a reasonable person could conclude that he is faking his PD based on the publicly available evidence, said evidence %100 supplied by bill.

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  4. “His PD has caused him to have lay down every 10 minutes of sitting in a chair.”

    Of course William’s flavour of Parkinsons is barely distinguishable from the dreaded Stultus Sibi ex Latere Aurum. A life-long condition that seems to have plagued him long before he pretended was diagnosed claimed Parkinsons.

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  5. Good advice for bill:

    You have the right to point out someone’s poor argument. You do not, in turn, have the right to be offended when someone does it to you.

    You have the right to have an opinion – you do not have the right to demand that everyone value your opinion or even care about your opinion.

    You have the right not to take anyone’s opinion seriously – you do not have the right to demand that someone take YOU seriously.

    You have the right to sarcasm as form of “argument” as long as you understand that sarcasm conveys absolutely no truth and no fact.

    h/t http://ace.mu.nu/archives/372381.php?ref=oembed

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  6. We should be touting him to every PD researcher in the medical industry as the miraculous first and only case of Variable Parkinsons. I’m gonna get on every medical forum I can and tell everybody about this wonder guy who absolutely must be dragged in for research. He’s practically a walking cure waiting to happen. Whats the delay? vivisect him now. We’ll sell tickets.

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