Liberals in October 2017..


Apparently, Halloween season can’t go by fast enough for the liberals.

Just a small list here..

Weinstein and Hollywood.

Clinton Foundation and Russia.

Uranium, Russia and Secretary Clinton.

Obama and wiretaps on the Trump campaign.

Holder and the “funneling” of fines to liberal causes.

Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch doing it on the tarmac.

The Dossier and the DNC/Clinton campaign.

Mark Halperin.

Admission that Tea Party Groups were unfairly scrutinized by the IRS, when Obama said there wasn’t a problem.

Some notes:

The special prosecutor who has been working for months now, hiring so many prosecutors to question everyone in the Trump campaign, their associates, relatives and pet groomers, and have yet to figure out how the “collusion” influenced voters to check “Trump” on the ballot.  No word yet on when the pivot starts to see how many voters were influenced NOT to check the “Clinton” box.

In an interesting move, Mueller has now been looking into the DNC and Clinton campaign for Russian influence and that funny dossier about water sports in Trump Tower.  Congress also wants to look into the Obama DOJ

Mark Halperin is thinking of going to the same sex rehab place in Italy that was so successful for Harvey Weinstein. I mean, it’s not like he’s employed now that will keep him away.

Former President George H W Bush was accused of sexual assault because his hand may or may not have been on the buttocks of two women during separate photograph sessions. One said he told a dirty joke, but I haven’t heard the joke. The actress who made that claim has deleted her posts.

Trump got into a tweetstorm with a liberal Congresswoman over the call he made to the widow of a fallen soldier. General Kelly came to Trump’s defense, and then got a few facts wrong about the Congresswoman’s actions on a building or something.  The mistake of those facts caused MASSIVE outrage, not the fact the Congresswoman decided to play politics with a somber duty of the President. Just waiting to see when the CBC starts calling Kelly’s remarks “Hate speech.”

If there were a title about the general beatdown of liberals from these massive revelations, I suppose “Nightmare on Liberal Street, Freddy’s on a roll” is probably about right.

Now, if only the Republicans realized they had a majority in Congress and actually committed to fulfilling their campaign promises while the liberals are mired in their muck, the year might actually end on a good note.

Probably not, though.



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