Guess what you can buy for $250?


No really, this is a thing.

Amazon wants to sell you a kit for $250 to allow the delivery driver to enter your home when a package is to be delivered.

According to the article:

You order something for delivery and click the “in-home” shipping option. When the delivery driver arrives, Amazon verifies the address and delivery time and allows him or her into your home. You can watch from your phone as the camera records the whole thing.

Amazon says the delivery driver will not be given an access code or key.

The service isn’t just for deliveries. Amazon says you can also use it to let family and friends into your house when you’re not home. And it will work for certain services like home cleaners, pet sitters and dog walkers.

It appears Walmart has been testing access to your refrigerator through the front door:

Last month, Walmart (WMT) announced that it was testing a service that allows a delivery driver from the startup Deliv into your home, mostly for groceries. It will even give the delivery person access to your refrigerator.

In the Walmart service, the driver gets a one-time passcode for a smart lock, and you can watch the delivery on security cameras.

In other words, hackers can let themselves in, watch some movies, raid your refrigerators all while you get to watch over the internet.  Let’s just hope you get those hackers that at least put their dirty dishes in the dishwasher before they leave.


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