Kaepernick pulling a Schmalfeldt


Colin Kaepernick has decided that owners are colluding to keep him from playing in the NFL because of his political protests.

Kaepernick’s lawyer has filed a collusion grievance against the NFL:

Kaepernick opted out of his contract in the hopes of landing another NFL gig since the 49ers had made it clear they were going to part ways. The PR problem happened when he started the 2016 season by kneeling during the anthem.

However, the problem was job performance. His stats during the 2016 season are as follows:

Passing percentage: 59.2% – tied for 52 with Robert Griffin III

Passer rating: 90.7 – ranked 37 just below Tyrod Taylor of Buffalo

YPG: 186.8 – ranked 34th just below Ryan Fitzpatrick of the Jets

He’s not in the top 25 of any meaningful category except for TD/INT ratio where he threw for 16 touchdowns with only 4 interceptions.  And the number of sacks he took – tied for 9th with Philip Rivers.  Oh, and he went 1-10 as a starter.


In other words, he’s hardly worthy of being a backup, much less being the starter. And he believes that his political protests are the reason owners are saying no?

Instead of whining, Kaepernick needs to not only fix his PR problem, but work to become a better quarterback. If he was a top ten player at the quarterback position, the issue of “collusion” might have some weight if he wasn’t on a team.  Unfortunately, blaming others for the circumstances he brought on himself only makes him a whiner.

Like someone else I know.

I don’t think this is going to turn out well for either of them.


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